The hooded ones

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Spirits can manifest themselves into different things, this time they were draped with cloaks and hoods. These rather ghastly fellows appeared before a young man who at the time lived in the highlands of Scotland. He was around 14 years old and had this rather incredible experience:

The first time I encountered these supernatural forces they came to me in a dream like state of mind. It seemed so very real. The second time I met up with these things, my heart nearly dropped and I couldn’t breathe literally.

My dream was kind of odd. I went downstairs to a cellar to get some wine. The thing is though, I didn’t have a wine cellar in real life. Everything seemed so familiar to me however, I knew my way around this home, almost like I had been there before in another life perhaps.

The steps were quite big leading down to this cellar; they were grey, very old and dusty stone steps. The building seemed to be some sort of old castle. As I reached the bottom, I stumbled around to find the pull string light switch. I turned it on and walked around the corner, as I looked over I noticed something rather incredible.


There were 3 cloaked figures sitting at an old wooden table playing cards. I seemed to disturb one of them, he turned quickly towards me and I noticed he was an invisible man with a long cloak and hood. He was empty inside; it was unreal like a void of darkness.

It approached me fast and I fell backwards striking my head on the floor. It’s sleeve covered my face completely. I had awakened with a new found sense of things from this strange dream. I didn’t think much of it until my second encounter with these cloaked spirits.


My second experience was quite terrifying to me; about a year ago I had moved to central Scotland in the Falkirk area. The room is on the second story where I’m living. One night about 4:00 am in the morning I heard noise coming from downstairs. I decided to investigate; I was tired and rubbed my eyes.

I noticed the knobs at the sink turning on and off by themselves. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This definitely woke me up and got me scared. I turned around and what was standing behind me was a dark hooded figure, just like the one from my dream years ago.

I was petrified and frozen in place. It is unclear what exactly happened, I believe I passed out and fainted. My friend who I will call “Dave” was shaking me in the morning as I passed out on the floor.

Comparable to the Grim Reaper itself in appearance, these dark hooded entities are able to communicate on some level yet they have no face, they are nothing but emptiness trapped inside of a robe with a hood. Make no mistake when you cross paths with this type of supernatural presence. They are something to certainly be afraid of!

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