Cremation Tattoos Are Becoming More Popular

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When someone dies that was dear to us, it is a difficult thing to deal with. Really nobody ever recovers from losing someone who they loved. However, there is another way to honor them in this life. Now, people are using tattoos as a way to give tribute to their lost loved one.

The catch is, the person who died will have to be cremated. Using their ashes, a mix is created with ink, that is then used to create a tattoo. Typically, someone’s body will be burned into ashes and later placed into an urn after a funeral ceremony.

Most often, people will get a portrait style tattoo of the lost loved one on their body, who was near and dear to them. The process of this is pretty straight forward. A tattoo artist will use a pinch of the ashes from the cremated person. Then the lost loved one’s ashes, will be sprinkled into the ink used for the tattoo. The ashes are then mixed up thoroughly, before being used for the tattoo.

Cremation Tattoos Are Becoming More Popular

Some places are against this while other tattoo parlors are open to the idea. So, if someone was interested they will have to shop around before having this done. It is a sacred thing and like many other things, some people are against the idea of it while others embrace it.

In order for this process to work best, the person’s ashes will have to be a very fine consistency. Otherwise, the tattoo tools used might get clogged up. An experienced tattoo artist is preferred who has done this before. The term is known as infused ink or inking.

Cremation tattoo

One can wonder whether or not this process is safe or not. Well, it hasn’t been proven or disproven yet either. The general understanding is yes it’s safe to do. That being said, sometimes the human body can reject things like this.

In summary, cremated ashes are burned at temperatures consisting of well over 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit. This virtually eliminates any chance of infection. The ashes need to be handled properly in a sterile environment as they are mixed into the ink.

Any contamination of the ashes or the ink can introduce risks of infections. If you’re considering getting a cremation tattoo done, it is essential that you consult with a licensed and professional tattoo artist beforehand. They may have special precautions they need you to take before getting the tattoo to ensure that you are safe throughout the entire process.

Some wonder whether or not the tattoo will look okay. Yes, is the answer. Consider the fact, that the same ink is being used that a typical tattoo will have. The ink consistency is going to be the same for the most part. The difference is, you will carry with you (quite literally) your lost loved one until your demise. It is a lot to think about but this is becoming more popular in recent times.

(Source: Smart Cremation)

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