Woman Found Dead After 42 Years, Sitting In Front Of Her Television

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Negligence or a murder cover up is one theory. How could a woman not be discovered for 42 years inside of an apartment building? She was later found dead, still sitting in front of the television. Incredibly, people even wondered if the television still worked. It wasn’t until May 12, 2008, when a Croatian woman named Hedviga Golik was found. She was born in 1924. Authorities believe, that she went to made herself a cup of tea, before sitting down in her favorite armchair.

Little did she realize, that this would be her last few moments in life. It seems that quietly, she died and was never found for many years. There are a number of people in situations like this, where they have no relatives or friends to check in on them.

The last sighting of Hedviga, was when she was last seen by her neighbors. One would think, that they would have checked on her after all this time. Speculations arise, that perhaps one of them may have set up her death. This however was never proven either. Croatian police searched the area and tried to piece together what had happened to her. It was assumed that Hedviga left her flat located in Zagreb years ago.

When the police entered Hedviga’s apartment, it was as if they stepped back into time. The place was preserved like a display in a museum. Even the cup that Hedviga had been drinking out of, was sitting on the table next to her chair. Other items around the apartment, dated back for decades. The place was dusty and full of some cobwebs but it was well kept considering.

Woman Found Dead After 42 Years Sitting In Front Of Television

As the years passed, a number of tenants noticed that nobody was using the flat since 1970. Eventually, city services stepped in and requested that the apartment be broken into and checked out. It took almost four decades, until all of this finally took place.

It was estimated that she had died sometime between the years 1966 and 1973. The incident was reported about back in 2008. Later, it was published by the Daily Record and the Associated Press.

After further investigation, it was determined that no criminal activity happened at the scene. Apparently, Hedviga’s neighbors had been playing her utilities and even her rent for decades. This is what makes this so unbelievable…yet this really happened.

Nobody ever thought or assumed that others checked in on her from time to time. It would be assumed that neighbors would have smelled something as they passed by her door. However, her windows were cracked, allowing some of the stench to escape from out of the room. This would explain one reason, why she wasn’t discovered sooner. By far, this is one strange death that took years to discover.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog and Waffles At Noon)

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