I Went To Church And Found The Devil

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When we go to church we expect to find faith, kindness and understanding. What if however we end up encountering something else entirely? A man shared his story, explaining how he went to church one day and witnessed what seemed to be the Devil itself. Before this bizarre encounter, he previously had some unusual experiences in life. It all started back when he was around 6 years old.

He explained how he had a dream of being in a majestic type of a meadow. On one side of this place were angels and the other side demons. It seemed like hell itself was amidst this place. When he glanced over towards the side of angels, they were covered in bright glowing white and gold armor. Jesus was there, he was much taller than the angels. He was sitting on horse and was wielding a sword in his right hand.

Heaven and Hell battle

Not long after this, a battle began. Satan and his army of demons were all vanquished. Jesus stood out above the rest of them. This was the only dream he had ever had like this. The dream had a profound effect on him. Not long after, he began attending church and reading the Bible more frequently. This is no ordinary feat for a 6 year old. He learned about the book of Revelations and the battle that waged between both good and evil. Comparably, his dream was all about this.

When he was a bit older around 8-11, he went to a Christian church. There typical Sunday worship services were held. He was sitting near the back of the church and made noises like most children do. His mother told him to leave and go to the children’s room area. When he entered this room, it had a mirror there.

Previously, it used to be a restroom but had been converted over. Toy trucks were laying on the floor so he began playing with them. Moments later, the door behind him slammed shut and he felt a sense of dread enter the room. He knew something wasn’t quite right. He went to try and open the door but it wouldn’t open for him. A sinister laugh was heard, cackling maniacally.

The Devil

His body seemed to move by itself as he made his way over towards the window. It was by the window that really shocked him. He watched as a bright red demon appeared before him. This entity, had red leather like skin and deep yellow cat-like eyes. It had horns like a mountain goat that stretched back towards the back of his face like a hook shape. The Devil was laughing and said he would get him. The Devil made it known, that he would be his. Moments later the Devil faded away into thin air.

After this, the door opened and he made his way back to his mother during the church service. They were shocked and everyone around them. Clearly the boy was upset. The family left the church service not long after.

Fast forward in time, now he is a young man between the age of 14-16. When he tried to go to sleep, he had the sudden urge to pray before going bed. He explained that he would place the Holy Bible on his chest and when he did this, his chest began to burn like a fire. Now that he is 24 years old, he wants to return to this very same church where he had his Devil encounter. He wanted to confront whatever it was that he witnessed that day. To him, all of this was very real.
Other moments like this have happened to him, he insists that something is out to get him. He can sense a presence of some kind, that has lingered near him from before.

His life at times has been like something from out of the horror movie. He admits to seeing gaseous mists formed like small clouds, that resemble a human type face with a body as well. One time right at midnight, he opened his eyes and witnessed something there with him.

Question remain whether or not he was experiencing some kind of schizophrenia or another mental type disorder. Could this be some kind of sleep paralysis? Or, perhaps just maybe he really did witness the Devil itself. One can only wonder why the Devil tried to make contact with him. Was he being tempted and tested in some way? Whatever happened has certainly affected his life. Perhaps he can learn from this and move forward.

(Source: Reddit)

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