1978 Footage Shows Baby Alien Fetus Inside Of Glass Jar

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Perhaps this footage is completely fake or an elaborate cover up of sorts. Either way, this short clip…shows what appears to be an alien fetus inside of a glass jar. Experimentation is something many have suspected for years. Could there be remote underground laboratories that exist? Most likely, they would have specimens from previous alien crashes or captured aliens inside of them. 

Baby alien fetus inside glass jar

This film footage, might be evidence of a laboratory specimen caught on film. From what is understood, this film clip dates back to 1978. The location is believed to be somewhere in Brazil. The incident is rather obscure, but Martin Mikuaš added this on his YouTube channel on May 9th, 2016. 

In the video description he posted, “Many people still doubt the existence of a flying saucers, but I tell you, just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly, their appearance and disappearance.

In a way, that confuses people into a large extent, that no one really understands what is happening. It has been written that the sky will “sign”. This “sign” already seen a lot of people, but by the end of this age will see it every man of the earth and will be surprised.”

Numerous governments around the world classify many things that are paranormal related. Specifically, they seem to focus on both aliens and UFOs. Why do they continue to hide the truth from the masses? Most people do believe governments are not being truthful to their citizens. They want transparency when it comes to these types of topics. Ultimately, they want the truth regarding alien life here on Earth. 

The classified documents that are locked away might contain real documentation of alien life. People have wondered for quite some time about UFO sightings and alien encounters. Have we already been in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?

Someone commented about this film, saying that it is fake. This is due to Captain Hollanda from the Brazilian Army, involved in this alien investigation. It took place somewhere in the northern part of Brazil and nothing was mentioned about an alien inside of a glass jar. 

However, rather suspiciously…Mr. Hollanda was later found dead months later after being interviewed by a UFO specialist. In the Portuguese language, “Operação Prato” means “Operation Dish” in English. 

From what is understood, Captain Hollanda committed suicide. Or did he? Many believe he was killed and the death was covered up. Quite possibly, someone may have discovered an extraterrestrial and put the specimen inside of a glass jar. This may be from another source altogether and was tied into all of this. Certainly this film clip is an interesting one, fake or not.

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