3D Human Doll Cloning Is Now A Thing

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For those who must have them self immortalized, there is now a way for people to be turned into a pose able figure. The Clone Factory located within Tokyo’s Akihabara district, will make a 3D printed doll from someone’s likeness.

The audience for something such as this, would be for someone to remember a lost loved one. Or, perhaps this would be a special gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Some would say these people are egomaniacs in some way. This is a novelty gag or gift for people to enjoy after all.

Japanese Doll cloning Japan

The cost for this unusual service, starts around 138,000 yen. (around $1,225.85 United States Dollars) So far, the service is most popular among Japanese women who are looking to preserve special moments in their lives.

They likely would be all dolled up, with their makeup and their hair set just right. Traditionally, this would be a wedding day type photo experience, as someone will look their best being picture perfect.

Danny Choo from Culture Japan went to get a miniature of himself. He explained that a 3D model of his head was taken and later rendered using digital SLRs. With the use of plaster, a mold is used and through this creation process, it is later covered with a top coating and affixed to the doll’s body. Danny Choo decided he wanted to be a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, so he picked this body to be used.

Danny Choo Star Wars Storm Trooper Doll Figure

Using different photos taken from different angles as a reference, these photos are sent to a special designed printer, that is used to create 3D data based upon someone’s face. After the data has been put together, it is combined and a 3D print out of someone’s face will be used and placed upon a body of choice. The options even include animals among other things.

Japanese Doll cloning in Japan

The use of 3D printing dates back to 1859, when François Willème demonstrated the world’s first “3D scanning” technology. He used upwards of 24 cameras to photograph subjects from different angles.

As time passed, inventor Joseph E. Blanther from 1892, was awarded a patent for creating 3D topographical maps using a layering type method. This is the same concept that is used in modern day 3D printing techniques.

As technology progresses, perhaps one day 3D printing will help solve problems in today’s world. It is cheaper to create things with this method and the materials used. Solar panels for example, are being printed and used on people’s homes. The possibilities are endless.

(Source: Drama Fever and Digital Trends)

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