Creepy Body Farms Study How Humans Decay

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A body farm is a research facility where bodies be researched. These unusual locations are used to study the decomposition of a human corpse. There are people (while they are still alive) who donate their bodies to rot upon the ground for researchers to study. The entire premise of this is creepy and very much out of the ordinary.

Through a series of tests, the research teams at these locations get a better understand how our bodies decompose after we die. With this knowledge, they hope to learn ways to help humanity in some way or another. In total, there are 6 different facilities such as these spread across the United States. The largest location is operated by Texas State University, at Freeman Ranch. An allocated 26 acres of land is being used to study dead bodies. Also, there is a facility located in Australia as well.

These locations use a series of different tools and procedures to find, collect and analyze decomposed human remains. One can only imagine the smell these places have, along with any kind of bacteria floating around. The entire premise of people doing this is quite creepy. The research of body farms are used as a part of forensic anthropology and related disciplines. Perhaps even, these types of places help law enforcement and other agencies learn more about forensic science.

Creepy Body Farms Study How Humans Decay

After these series of tests are done, each body is tagged and catalogued for study. Each body is left at a specific location upon the grounds. The process is simple, yet each person decays differently. This will vary, due to the person’s physical size and weight. When a body begins to rot away, there is a natural process involved. The biological breakdown of human tissue happens. There are different factors that come into place. This includes the weather, temperature and moisture, along with pH and oxygen levels.

Other factors include how a person died or how they were laying upon the ground or inside of a casket. In general, humans decay in four different stages, before nothing is left but human bones. The first stage is Autolysis, the second Bloat, the third Active Decay and the fourth Skeletonization. Eventually, the bones themselves will turn brittle and turn to dust, especially in some locations and conditions.

Perhaps all of this research is needed but for most folks it leaves them uneasy knowing that these places exist. Science continues to advance and with it new things are learned. Body farms are unique places indeed.

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