Curse of the gypsy gaze

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Hands are used for most things, only sometimes they may hover over a crystal ball; it is a gypsy which will land a gaze of wonder – which will foretell your future. Will you be lucky? Will you have bad luck? Or, will you even meet your demise sooner than latter? These questions linger, as someone might meet the wrong gypsy to tangle with. Take for example this encounter…

“My grandma was raised the daughter of a migrant worker. Wherever great-grandpa traveled and found work is where they lived. Most of her childhood was spent in South Texas, close to the border of Mexico, where it was not uncommon to see Gypsies traveling through selling various items. One day, a gypsy woman came to their house trying to sell some things which my great-grandmother didn’t want but the gypsy was being very pushy and refused to let her even close the door, telling her she knew she had money in a jar (she did) and that she wanted it.


My great-grandmother wasn’t intimidated and basically pushed her out of the way and yelled some various offenses to run her off. They exchanged words and the Gypsy woman told her that she was going to die soon, that she was going to choke on her tongue.
Less than a year later, she had a heart attack and had, in fact, choked on her tongue. I happened to read a story earlier on this very site about a Gypsy in Russia who predicted a lady’s death, who also choked on her tongue, and thought it was such a creepy coincidence”.

Was this encounter just a creepy coincidence? Or, was it something more mystical and unusual?

Most people think of gypsies originating from Romania and Russia primarily. This simply isn’t true; as the source of these mysterious people and culture originated in northern India over 1,000 years ago. Their language is known as Romani. It is related to Hindu and other Indian languages (named Indo-Aryan). It is unknown why they decided to leave India in the first place.

The portrayal of gypsies has always been controversial in the eyes of Europeans, most of the time they are shown as extremely hospitable (yet carefree nomadic beings) living among some sense of sadness yet in other moments their happiness demonstrated by both song and dance. In modern times and in the past, they have been forced to live in camps outside of towns and cities. This culture is a fascinating one and personally I’ve come across a few gypsy folks during my travels.


Their relationship between their parents and with children is extremely important in gypsy communities. However, it has been reported that on occasion a gypsy will intentionally maim themselves or one of their kin to get sympathy from strangers, meanwhile picking their pocket for any riches to survive. Gypsies are also known for their great powers of cursing someone with good or bad intentions.

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