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Weird Blue Orb Hovers Over Railroad Track Before Exploding

Whatever this orb was, it has yet to be determined. This blue looking orb, appears suddenly and later explodes as seen on video. This possibly could be digital manipulation, however others believe this is evidence of something more supernatural. Vladimir Kartsovnik posted a video on his Facebook page, which shows this blue mystery orb in

Small Unidentified Mummy Remains Found In Russia

This diminutive dwarf-like doll, was discovered in Russia back in 1996, near the southern outskirts of Kyshtym in a village known as Kaolinovy. This village is located in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia.  It is unlike anything else seen before and has left many puzzled, as to what it might be. Whatever it is, the

Siberian Man Sues Psychics Over Them Not Getting His Wife Back

One heartbroken husband from Siberia sought revenge against an alleged group of psychics and has won a 400,000 ruble settlement. This is about $6,136 dollars. The man claimed that these psychics failed to reunite him with his estranged wife. Apparently, their magical powers simply did not work. This Russian man has been referred to as

Woolly Mammoths Might Come Back To Life From Science

A team of scientists seek to resurrect one of the most incredible mammals ever to grace the planet…the Woolly Mammoth. They have been questing to find all the necessary DNA to bring forth this great land titan back to life. A Japanese team, first encouraged “biological activity” by taking 28,000 year old cells from a