Police officer records witch in the woods

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Recorded by a police car camera, was an incident which happened back on 6/27/15. An officer named Mallic captured on video, a rather strange moment. As he drives around on a routine patrol, he then begins turning onto an off-road. It is there, where he meets up with a woman, dressed in very little clothing (as it is quite cold outside) in the wee hours of the early morning at 3:41 AM—seen on the dash camera.

Police officer records witch in the woods

The officer suspected that this woman was into some kind of satanic practice, perhaps witchcraft. Many believe that witchcraft is practiced with witches wearing various clothing. Most people think that witches wear black specifically, however it is the combination of all colors in symbolism—representing vibrations of light from the material plane.

The color black is great conductor of energy. From this, witches wearing this color, are able to absorb natural energy to increase their powers. Some even believe going natural without any clothing to be more in tune with nature itself. Not all witches practice the dark art of it. There are some who dwell in the magick of light. By comparison, Wiccans are bound by their beliefs in the ancient ways of Celtic, Norse, Essene, Gnosis, or that of Shamanism.

Watching the video, towards the end of it (the flame burns brighter) as the officers vehicle approaches closer. It is at this moment, she is seen slightly levitating off the ground with her arms extended. Part of her face seems to be burning as bright as the fire by her feet. There was something truly supernatural going on during this moment.

Witchcraft harnesses the blending of ones own person path in their existence. Those practicing pure witchcraft, will focus their energy into ritualistic ways—tapping into both the elemental and spiritual forces of nature. The differences are ever so slight, in both Wicca and Witchcraft. The goal is to achieve some sort of balance and harmony with nature and ones self.

What do witches worship? A belief exists, which focuses on a single power defined as the One or All. It is their Zen by comparison. This supreme type of energy force, does not rule over the Universe. In actuality, it IS the Universe. Witches want to live in harmony with all things that exist, including the elements of nature and living things such as animals and humans.

There are meeting spots where a coven of witches will meet and practice their good or bad rituals. This time, it seems a police officer stumbled onto something supernatural and happened to capture a moment of it. Some believe she was nothing more than someone on drugs. This doesn’t explain the levitation however.

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