The exsistence of Jinn

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The faith of Muslims is rather strong, their belief is that God is one—while Muslims believe that Islam is of a primordial faith. This very faith was shown many times by prophets who included Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus in recorded scripture. Allah is the name for God, the Supreme Being, in the Arabic language; the common name for God in Islam.

Many Muslims also believe in Jinn, a powerful supernatural entity. This supernatural presence has the divine powers to appear in human and animal form, with the ability to possess humans. This intelligent spirit is a lower ranking angel. These supernatural entities are able to perform requests given by their captors.


There is a feminine version of this genie of sorts known as Jinniyah. In Islamic folklore, those who wish to dabble with such supernatural entities sometimes have been blessed while others not. The magic which jinn have is from a darker place often forsaken. With their magic, it was believed that jinn used their powers to become that of a changeling. This gave them the power to alter their size and shape. Not all jinn resonate from evil, there are others believed to have harnessed something good and pure in their magical ways.

After one reads and studies the Suras (known as chapters) there is a procedure which is used to enslave and capture jinns. This process can take several days to complete with the potential master of the jinn to even die from the jinn turning itself upon their new found master.
The potential master has to read the Namaaz upwards of five times a day and keep up their Roza (fasting not eating) observing strict practices through rigorous rituals.


If this is all completed successfully, the Jinn will obey its masters commands. With the supernatural energy used this can create a rather powerful and wealthy individual. Alas, this person is expected to use their new powers to benefit others well being and happiness.

There is a story about a brother-in-law’s aunt who decided to take interest in the Jinn, this obsessive behavior eventually destroyed them as the Jinn they tried to enslave turned upon them—vanquishing them away from the world. Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.


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