Who was Lori Erica Ruff?

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Lori Ruff

Nobody truly knows who she really was or what she did to hide herself away from the public by changing her name. This woman had a troubled life and remained mysterious throughout her days here on Earth. Her secrets were comparable to that of spies and espionage. What was she up to? It is anyone’s best guess. Speculations include murder and abuse among other theories.

It was a cold Christmas eve back in 2010, a 15 year old girl was hit by a wandering stray bullet outside of a William’s Chicken in Longview, Texas. A franchise which has been around since 1987. Unfortunately, this young girl had died. Certainly this affects people when they learn about stories such as this. The Ruff family is no exception as they shook their heads in sadness after learning about this tragedy.

As the night passed, Lori Erica Ruff the wife of Jonathan “Blake” Ruff drove up to their house, put the car in park only to then turn a gun on herself leaving her troubles behind. Her reasons are still baffling people today as the authorities are still clueless as to what happened.

You see, Lori Erica Ruff was not who everyone thought she was. Her husband discovered inside of a closet in their home a box with a number of documents revealing that in 1988, she had taken the identity of Becky Sue Turner. Becky died in a fire back in 1971 in Fife, Washington. She then changed her name to Lori Erica Kennedy.


Jonathan Ruff met “Lori” back in 2003. They instantly got along. As Jonathan Blake reflected back to that time he couldn’t explain what it was that initially lured him to Lori. He found her attractive with her long dark hair and hazel eyes. She was friendly and welcoming. When asked about her past life, she didn’t ever reveal much of anything. At the time, he didn’t think much of it. Both of them were well respected citizens in the Longview area.

Jonathan’s mother Nancy found it difficult to talk with Lori. Often she would get upset when approached with different questions. When both Jonathan and Lori mentioned they were getting married, Nancy wanted to put their wedding announcement in the newspaper.

Lori was rather insistent to not let this happen. This was peculiar behavior as most people would want their announcement to be made to the public but not Lori. Traditionally the Ruff family hosted rather large weddings but Lori wanted to have a very small ceremony with just the two of them and a minister.

Both Jonathan and Lori wanted to have children. However, they would struggle with this as they had trouble conceiving. Lori had a number of miscarriages and in 2008, they tried vitro fertilization (IVF) (Used to treat fertility problems and assist with child conception) and this time it worked. Lori gave birth to a little girl.


Lori withdrew from her in-laws not allowing them to see her baby and she struggled being a mother not seeming to be very comfortable with her own baby. Fed up with things Jonathan later left Lori and according to neighbors her health (especially mentally) went down hill from there. Jonathan moved back in with his parents.

A pastor offered to counsel both Lori and Jonathan. This didn’t work. A bit afterward Lori began to send threatening letters to Jonathan’s parents. They also noticed a set of house keys which went missing. They suspected she took them. One week before Christmas, Nancy heard the back gate of the house opening but when she looked no one was there.

Days later, Jonathan’s father Jon went to get the newspaper, when he wandered outside he found Lori’s body lying inside the car. When the police came there were several suicide notes discovered. The first addressed to Jonathan and the other to their daughter. On the note to her daughter it read not to be opened until she was 18 years old. The letters have never been released to the public. It was evident that Lori was clearly a disturbed individual.

After the funeral, the Ruff family went into Lori’s home to clear things out. When they arrived they couldn’t believed what they found. The babies bed was stained from urine, feces and piles of dishes were scattered all over the kitchen.

Many clothes were lying all over the floors. The story takes a turn from here revealing that an investigator who was a family friend took all the documents that remained. He happened to be a Congressman and an investigation took place. Although it wasn’t proven yet, it turns out Lori/Becky was a suspected to be a Russian agent.

becky-sue-turnerInside the box which was found included a birth certificate for the real Becky Sue Turner, an ID card from Idaho, pages torn out from an Arizona phone book and scribbled notes. The notes included the name of an attorney and the words “402 months”. It seemed everything that happened was planned out previously and part of some kind of plan.

There were a series of clues revealing things including the use of the name Becky Sue Turner, who died in the fire in Fife, Washington. She was born in Bakersfield, CA. Also along with the scraps, were more clues such as the lock-box with newspaper clippings about Becky Sue.

This means that she specifically picked her and that it happened out of state it would be easier to cover up her tracks. Things have changed since the 1980’s however nothing is truly secure or sacred in this world anymore with technology and well planned intentions.

Lori’s fingerprints were run through the FBI and through Homeland Security. Neither database matched any records. Facial recognition returned no results either and DNA tests also came back with nothing.


There are many questions which remain about her and why she went through all this trouble to hide herself away living another life. Perhaps she was in trouble and was trying to get away or something else entirely could have happened. If anyone knows anything come forward to the authorities so this family can have a sense of peace about this tragedy.

For those interested, there are many theories found on Reddit HERE about this.

Source from Derek Faraci at: Blumhouse


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