Breast milk at the office

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A woman uses her breast milk guess the store was far away, but seriously…what in the world was she thinking? This woman was in a kitchenette at work and figured hey why not use my own milk for this? What a way to start the day off, imagine a co-worker drinking this. Or for that matter another woman doing the same thing at work. Pretty unusual, but I guess to each her own sort of speak. People can do some pretty unusual things sometimes.

There once or still is an advertisement running on television “Milk does the body good”. I guess this applies to this situation as well. Some women may breastfeed 2 to 3 years. I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not she just had a baby. But this wasn’t fair to others who work here. Where this actually happened hasn’t been disclosed as they wanted to avoid any kind of scandal about it. Incredibly, a YouTube video demonstrates the use of a breast pump with nearly 24 million views (for obvious reasons) the video has since been taken down.

(Breastfeeding in public is forbidden in some jurisdictions, not addressed by law in others, and a granted legal right in public and the workplace in yet others. Where it is a legal right, some mothers may nevertheless be reluctant to breastfeed. This situation is something else entirely, but it may fall under this wing of the law)

One person noted, there are a number of ways you can get aids from vaginal fluids, seminal fluids, blood, and breast milk. This is a valid point. Perhaps she is using her own carton of milk in that fridge. In some offices, people will share the fridge, using their own name tag or labels.

It is difficult to see in the video, but it didn’t appear there was a personal label written on the carton of milk. (Some women do drink their own breast milk as they say it is not only good for the baby, but for them, too) What do you all think? Is this bizarre or what? See the video for yourself and you be the judge.

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