Young Utah women warp through time and space

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four friends Utah

Back in May of 1972, four young women were driving back to Southern Utah University. From what is known, they spent time in Pioche at a rodeo. They were on their way back to their dorm in Cedar City. It was getting later in the evening, around 10:00 PM when they came across a fork in the highway. The girls decided to turn left, as they entered through what is known as Gadianton Canyon.

Utah at night

They noticed the roadway turning from black to a whitish color. After deciding they took a wrong turn, they quickly turned around. To their surprise, they looked around and noticed a series of grain fields all around them. It seems they warped from the desert, to another location entirely. Not long after, they came across a roadside tavern. The young women quickly became disoriented—as one of the girls began to scream rather hysterically.

One of the strangest sights any of them had ever seen appeared before them. A series of four different vehicles seemed to come out of nowhere. They were shaped like eggs and had moving wheels under them. The lights were quite bright coming from these weird looking vehicles, that were now following them.

egg mobile gadianton canyon incident

All of the girls were rather scared at this point, so they began driving faster panicking. They traveled through the canyon where they came from. The pavement seemed to change colors again—now from white to black.

They made it a ways, before wrecking their vehicle in a creek. They had a while to wait, as it wasn’t until morning—when they found highway 56 and a state trooper on duty. Of course the state trooper was skeptical of their rather strange encounter. The trooper proceeded to investigate the incident and called in more officers to investigate the area. What they found was rather perplexing.

The girls tire tracks that were left behind, didn’t make sense. Their Chevy vehicle stopped a mere 600 feet into the desert. This doesn’t explain how they made it well over 2 miles north of the highway, without any physical evidence of their vehicle driving there. Their Chevy was also missing one hubcap.

Utah landscape

A few other oddities about there trip doesn’t make sense. This includes the city of Modena being in Southwest Utah, not Southeast Utah. Also, the Nevada-Utah state line is west of Modena. Cedar city is perhaps 46 miles from Modena but it is South-east and not North-east on Highway 56. A paved road does extend North-east going through the Escalante Desert.

However, it isn’t logical to take this route as a short cut to Cedar city. This would make the trip much longer. Estimated to be about three times the journey traveling through Beaver, Utah. This stretch of Utah Highway 56 is pretty desolate consisting mostly of sagebrush, ocotillo and Spanish bayonet.

The red sandstone bluffs are located in the far northern horizon. From what is known, these young women experienced a mysterious supernatural encounter. The highway trooper who found the girls was named Vic Lundquist. This still remains unsolved.

(Source: Listverse and Rense)

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