YouTuber Documents His Haunted Doll

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Seen in a video clip from a YouTuber known as “spunkflunk”, appears to be a doll moving by itself on the bed behind him. He previously has documented this doll moving and to the best of his knowledge, the doll is haunted by something.

It is unknown whether or not this might be a ghostly type entity or a more demonic one. Regardless, this doll seemingly appears to move by itself. Upon first glance, it is difficult to see what this doll does. Subtly, the doll moves. It’s right arm seems to raise up, as he speaks to his audience on his channel.

Speculations are, he either rigged this doll to move or quite incredibly the doll is actually haunted after all. Weird energies can manifest into an object such as this. Dolls in particular seem to become a vessel for paranormal type entities.

Haunted doll moves on bed

Some odd things about this video stand out. How the doll is positioned, seems almost too perfect. The doll sits in the background, near one corner of the headboard. By doing this, it would make it easier to conceal wires used to move the doll’s arm.

What makes this video along with several others on his channel interesting is, the doll seems to be possessed by something. A test was done to demonstrate this previously. Using an Optex sensor device, it was placed onto the doll. A light would trigger if the doll would move.

Haunted doll moves on sofa

In one of the first appearances of this doll, he recorded footage of it. The doll was positioned sitting upright on top of a couch. The video displays text mentioning that 3 hours passed after unboxing the doll for the first time. The sun had just set as the evening approached.

So, where did this doll come from? Allegedly, a fan bought the doll for him as part of a challenge. It is assumed that the doll was cursed and whoever had it before, desperately wanted to get rid of it.

Perhaps this doll had a disturbing history to it. How old the doll is or where it was manufactured isn’t known. It doesn’t appear to be very old, as the doll appears to be in good shape. It’s clothes don’t look worn out either.

People seem to be split if this is legit or not. Tampering with spirits through different means is not advised. You never know what might be lingering, when the lights go out and you hear something go bump in the night.

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