Vacation Photo Reveals Demonic Girl In Water

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This photo shows what appears to be a girl standing in the water. At first, she looks fairly typical like any vacationer. This photograph was taken back on July 22nd of 2017. The man who took this said…that he was out with his family at the beach in Zandvoort. This area is a Dutch coastal town located west from Amsterdam.

Most people come here for holiday, making it a popular destination. The sandy beach, extends along the North Sea. Zandvoort is located within the southern portion of Zuid-Kennemerland, a National Park location. To the north lies Bloemendaal aan Zee, a smaller-sized beach.

Demonic girl at beach Zandvoort

While taking photos that day, this man said everything looked laid back. It wasn’t until he was scrolling back through the photos with his wife, when she discovered something really weird. While taking a photo of his son standing on front of the beach, she noticed off in the far distance a young girl standing in the water.

Upon further inspection, they noticed that she appeared to be distorted in the face. Either this had to be some kind of camera blur or glitch or it was something else entirely. The girl appears to be demonically possessed in the face. Notably, she resembles Regan MacNeil, a character played by Linda Blair in the cult classic horror film The Exorcist (1973).

Beach demonic possession

It really is quite creepy, the only logical explanation is, this being some kind of camera glitch. However, if this is some type of demonic possession, it is most unusual. It is believed that evil such as this, is stronger during the night. This photo was taken during the day and while anything could happen, this makes this highly outrageous.

Why this young girl was targeted for possession is unknown. Perhaps her soul or spirit was vulnerable to something such as this. Some people for whatever reason, are more prone to things such as these. One can only assume, it was something from a previous lifetime or family history that may have caused this. Did her family make a deal with the Devil?

The girl does appear as if she was grimacing, due to the high winds from the sea. Perhaps even salt spray into her eyes or sand. The weather looked slightly overcast that day. Even still, water reflects light and can be blinding sometimes. Some strand of hair appear to be sticking to her face as well from being wet.

Whether or not this photo shows real demonic possession is unknown. It however is quite fascinating to see. The video was posted online at the YouTube channel THE CONSPIRACY FACTOR.

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