Do Empaths Have Trouble Around Fake People?

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Those who feel a deep connection to others and everything around them are sometimes known as an empath. These people feel the emotional state of mind and/or the physical pain someone else might be suffering from. The intensity of this, can become quite magnified for them.

While around people who simply put on an act or pretend to impress others…an empath can feel exhausted after being around this fake type person. Most of the time, people who act like this, are nothing more than mere pretenders. They are only out for themselves and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Fake people also seem to have a specific personality trait. They are viewed as being quite narcissistic. They are self-centered and often have large egos to boot. It is as if, they have an insatiable appetite to be the center of attention always. Perhaps they didn’t receive enough attention as child or still act like ones in their adults years. For whatever reason, they didn’t develop as they should.

An empath often will react to those who act superficial. These fake type personalities, put on a big act to be accepted by anyone that they meet. For whatever reason, these same phony fake people, continue to feel insecure and attempt to appear tough on the outside, only to be quite weak on the inside. They contradict themselves about who they are. These people are storytellers of sorts, they exaggerate everything to appeal to the masses. Perhaps even, these same folks are naturally angry and get triggered often over the simplest things.

When a empath responds to a fake person, things can become quite interesting. More often than not, an empath will avoid a fake person – due to the negative vibrations their energies put out. An empath is a force to be reckoned with. They are intuitive and compassionate as well.

While speaking, there are certain details about an empath – that tend to happen while around these fake type people. The empath will only reveal a limited amount of information about themself. This is done, to create a shield against the fake person. Often this will only further aggravate the fake person even more.

Do Empaths Have Trouble Around Fake People

Only when a fake person physically leaves the room, will the empath be more at peace with themself. Destructive type energies will only disrupt them further. It isn’t unheard of, for an empath to actually feel ill after being around fake people for long prolonged amounts of time.

Perhaps this is why some students and workers feel drained (not only physically) but emotionally as well, after being around these toxic type personalities. Of course this can affect people’s romantic relationships as well – because they are unable to actually spend time around that person whom they have been fond of.

Each of us follow our own path in life and our destiny awaits. It is best to see the good in everything, even though we don’t understand it. Being an empath is tough but a blessing in other ways. Use your powers responsibly and grow as a person each day, to find one’s own self enlightenment.

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