In memoriam of Sylvia Browne

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The world lost a lady who had a controversial career—she was ridiculed for being nothing more than a fraud, yet some of her predictions actually came true. Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne died on Nov. 20th at the age of 77 from unknown causes. This ended her reign as a leader in the psychic world. She appeared on several television shows such as the Montel Williams Show which aired between 1991 and 2008.

Non believers questioned her intentions, while others followed her even buying into her books and beliefs. Sylvia predicted her very own death on the Larry King television show; but she was off by 11 years time. Sylvia once mentioned that “Only God is right all the time.”

Recently, an allegedly psychic bus driver in Dundee, Scotland was fired after refusing to pick up some school children. He claims to be clairvoyant and sensed something would go wrong if he didn’t keep driving. This is an example of someone perhaps trying to do the right thing, but they were punished by their peers. Right or wrong, he gave into his instinct.


Sylvia Browne had a charming personality which seemed to captivate audiences. Either way they liked or hated her. But she seemed to gather her thoughts in such a way—it naturally became entertaining to watch her transcendence. As a renowned psychic, spiritual medium and bestselling author, she certainly left behind her legacy.

Sylvia also hosted an hour-long Internet radio show on Hay House Radio. As an author, she had written dozens of books on paranormal and spiritual topics. In 1986, Sylvia founded in Campbell, California a church known as “The Society of Novus Spiritus” this society was best described as “Gnostic Christian”.

With the controversy of her falsified predictions, several of them stood out among the others. Back in 2002 Sylvia told the parents of 11 year old Shawn Hornbeck (who vanished earlier that same year) that they were in fact dead after being kidnapped by a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks.

Later Hornbeck was actually found alive in 2007. His kidnapper was actually a Caucasian man with short hair. The second big moment of controversy for Sylvia was when Louwana Miller (the mother of Amanda Berry) was told that her kidnapped daughter was actually dead.

“She’s not alive, honey,” Browne said at the time, according to NBC affiliate WKYC’s report on the segment. “Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”

In the month of May, it was discovered that Berry was still in fact alive after being held captive by Ariel Castro for nearly a decade. Miller later died in 2006 and wasn’t around to learn about the good news—or the news that she was exploited by Browne.

Psychic Craig Weiler said: “Some of the people in the intellectual community who lean toward the psychic side of things didn’t think much of her, but in order for a psychic to rise to the level of fame she did, they have to be good.”

One person mentioned: “She wasn’t exposed, she just wasn’t always right. With everyone who bitches about her saying she’s fake, she’s really touched many people. God is the only perfect entity out there, we are all messengers”

Sylvia will also be remembered for her long finger nails.

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