Some Think Past Lives Affect Our Very Future

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It is something that we all have wondered about at some point in our life. Has our very path in life been chosen for us? Perhaps how we lived in another life has changed the outcome of our very existence. People have free will, but they have likely experienced different things from a previously life. 

Do our past lives influence the one we are living in now? Some do think so. We may even carry over karma that has changed our future endeavors. Our we staying true to our very soul and our purpose of this life?

Some Think Past Lives Affect Our Very Future

Many cultures believe in reincarnation while others laugh at the thought of it. Until we ourselves meet our end, we can only assume things about the afterlife and what comes next if anything at all. 

Maybe we are simply lured back to this physical plane of existence due to the sensations and experiences that it brings to us. Some seem to think they have a mission in this life to accomplish. Perhaps it was just one moment during our lives that changed the outcome of something in this world even by a little.

The universe is a vast wonderment. We can only speculate about things and other places until the veil is lifted for us. Maybe Earth itself is nothing more than a place to learn within the universe.

Everyone was put here for a reason, it doesn’t make rational sense to us as human beings. But, we have a purpose for being here. Maybe we were put here to help shape this world in some way or another. 

There are some who think that everything exists in a form or shape. Eventually, these things manifest into the physical plane of existence. People also think astral projection is possible and while we dream, we don’t understand everything that was seen within our dream. Just like nightmares, things appear in our mind that bother us or haunt our very thoughts.

Maybe a duration happens and we lag out before materializing into the world. A divine creator is thought to exist that made us to be. We are born into the world and into a physical form.

Are we all just actors upon a larger stage? People make mistakes and tend to spend the rest of their lives making up for it in some way or another. We think judgement is upon us in the afterlife, but maybe we came here to teach others or share something.

We have freedom until evil has been done by us. Each moment is defined by our actions. People must flourish better and learn from their mistakes, so they won’t do them again. Life is what you make it or how you see it from your perspective. Most of us reach for some kind of joy to behold. 

People continuously evolve in this world, even if they do not realize it at first. Likely they will spend most of their life looking back at what they could have done differently. They should reflect upon the good times and cherish them.

Many elderly people have their words of wisdom as they have already reached the end of this lifetime. The world will only get better if we make it that way.

Everything starts with each person’s actions and how they interact with things around them living or not. Our very destiny is shaped by what we do and what we have done. Perhaps what we have done in the past has put us where we are now. It is something to think about.

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