Hearing Disembodied Voices

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There are a number of people who attempt to ghost hunt each and every year. Sometimes these people stumble upon a spot frequented by paranormal type activity. While there, they might captured a EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). These sounds are distinctive and most of the time, have been unintentionally recorded with a ghost box (Frank’s box). Parapsychologists have interpreted recordings such as these, as being a strange phenomena indeed.   

Most of the recordings captured, are short phrases such as “help me” or “where am I?”. Typically, it is believed that these heard voices are from deceased individuals who are in some sort of torment. They are likely trapped between the land of the living and the dead.

The history of disembodied voices being captured dates back to Parapsychologist Konstantīns Raudive, who popularized the idea back in the early 1970’s. The phrases are not clearly heard most of the time but sound like someone muttering a segment of a sentence here and there.

A number of paranormal enthusiasts believe a EVP (disembodied voice) to be evidence of something beyond rational thought. Some scientists even think EVP’s are a form of auditory pareidolia. People attempt to interpret random sounds as voices heard. Different languages can also affect the outcome, due to the varying details of the sounds heard.

Hearing Disembodied Voices

There are different things that can happen while out exploring abandoned buildings or graveyards. Most of the time, people go to these places at night as the general census is spirits are stronger during this time of the day. While using a ghost box or other type of instrument, someone can potentially pick up the contact of a nearby apparition. Usually, a paranormal source leaves behind remnants of the past until dissipation happens.  

When people call out upon a spirit of sorts, they might hear some kind of answer. This might even happen in the form of a listener ‘eavesdropping’ on a conversation, that took place from long ago. Different artifacts or relics might linger behind, that connect a spirit to the area in question. How long these restless spirits remain is unknown.

As someone hears a voice with their own ears, they likely will look around. When they realize nobody else is around, they might start wondering what it was. Certainly there are many hoaxes that happen but some recordings are quite questionable, whether it was moan, scream or growling type of a sound heard. This is considered to be a disembodied voice, a voice without a body of any kind. It is a strange phenomena, that continues to fascinate people today.

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