Woman loses 800 pounds

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half ton killer

We all struggle with weight loss. It is something many people deal with each and every day. It is about the sheer will power to succeed and completely change oneself. Imagine being 1100 pounds and ridiculed by many people each day. This is something a woman named Mayra Rosales had to deal with most of her life. Not only this, but being called the “Half-Ton Killer” as she inadvertently killed her 2 year old nephew by rolling over on him.

With such hardships suffered in her life. She has overcome quite an ordeal. There isn’t a day which goes by when she doesn’t think about her former self and of course her nephew. Her story picked up steam after she was charged with the death of her nephew.

Back in 2008, she did formally admit to rolling over in the bed and smothering the child by accident. People did believe the story initially, until later it was discovered she wasn’t responsible. Many thought she was guilty after rolling on top of him.

800 pound woman

However, this wasn’t the case at all. An attorney discovered the undeniable truth. As it turns out, she was covering up sort of speak for her sister. She apparently threw a hairbrush at him from a violent tantrum. It struck the boy pretty hard in the head. After further investigation, her nephew was being mistreated. Some of this was suspected to be gang related. Mayra’s false confession has eaten away at her conscious.

Mayra Rosales bed

She was in fact tired of eating, she wanted to starve herself to shed the unwanted pounds away. She tried both dieting and exercise neither worked. She obviously couldn’t even walk, she was faced with a life or death situation. With her being immobile she couldn’t burn away any calories.

Mayra admitted she basically had given up on life. Why bother anymore? If you look at her photographs you can see it on her face. By chance, she caught the attention of a medical team willing to work with her. It took 10 men to move her and a special ambulance to get her to the hospital.


It was obvious this woman needed much help. There were a series of surgical procedures she had to go through to remove any excess skin on her body. Known as Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding this surgery creates a small pouch to hold food. The band actually places a limit on the amount of food someone can eat. The sensation of feeling full after eating just a small portion of food. The cost for such a procedure ranges from $12,000-$30,000 depending on where you live.


Mayra admits what she did wrong by covering up for her sister. But it came from a good place, she obviously cares about her. Mayra is now 34 years old, she lost a staggering 800 pounds from this rather dramatic weight loss saga.

then and now

She admitted to living just to eat, now she eats normally and wants to keep her new figure. The TLC channel did a special about her “Half-Ton Killer?” You can find the link HERE. What she accomplished is rather remarkable. She had encouragement and help and that can go a long ways.

mayra rosales now


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