Man had plant growing in his lung

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An oddly unusual occurrence happened when a man who thought he had a tumor in his lung actually had a pea growing inside his lung. His name is Ron Sveden, he is a retired teacher from Brewster, Massachusetts. This plant which he inhaled had the ideal conditions to grow inside his lung.

At the time of this happening, he was 75 years old. The pea seed had split and sprouted in his lung. It was about half an inch long (about 1.25 cm). This continued to plague him as he suffered from shortness of breath from already having emphysema. This disguised the fact that this plant was growing inside the lung until it was actually discovered.


According to an interview, he mentioned he was coughing frequently and felt rather sluggish. His wife Nancy later decided to call 911 and the paramedics arrived on the scene. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors took X-rays and then discovered his left lung was collapsed. On the X-ray scan, appeared a spot which seemed rather grainy.

Several more tests were concluded, after his stay of two weeks in the hospital. He was thinking it was a diagnosis of lung cancer. After further testing, results came back confirming there were no any signs of cancer. One doctor later approached him mentioning that he had this plant growing in his left lung.
To Ron’s surprise, the doctors told him he must have eaten a pea that “went down the wrong way”, and the moist and warm conditions in the lung were just right for it to sprout and grow. Sveden later said he didn’t feel anything growing in his chest, only that he was coughing quite a bit.


He said he was very amused when the first meal he had in the hospital after his surgery had peas as the main vegetable. Ron said he just laughed to himself as he ate them. Since the surgery, he has been doing fine enjoying life with his wife Nancy Sveden who said:
“God has such a sense of humor. It could have been just nothing, but it had to be a pea, and it had to be sprouting.”


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