Eclipse of 2017, may increase paranormal activity

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While tensions run high, it may well be caused by the upcoming solar eclipse—due to happen on August 21st of this year. Estimated to happen first in Salem, Oregon at 9:05 am, this enormous eclipse will cross the United States stretching for many miles. For those outside the main path, they can look up to see a partial eclipse.

After 90 minutes, the eclipse will be in what is known as Totality. The following areas will be in its direct path, in an arch shaped line: Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina before ending in Charleston, South Carolina at 2:48pm local time. According to NASA, the celestial event will be visible from Carbondale, Illinois for the longest period of time.

Not only in the United States, but North America and Central America will experience this along with the northern parts of South America as well. With a partial eclipse, it happens when the moon’s shadow intersects with the sun before moving across it.

Eclipse of 2017

There are some historical significance’s to the 2017 eclipse. It is the 1st eclipse to happen in sum 38 years. The last time an eclipse of this magnitude happened, was back on February 26, 1979. It is a once in a lifetime event and most Americans will be able to witness this event to some degree or another.

There will be stars visible during the daylight hours, which will be quite interesting to see. Make sure to use protective eye-wear otherwise you may well go blind. The safest way to view the eclipse, is with protective eclipse eyeglasses or through a pinhole projector one can easily make by themselves. If you miss this one, the next will happen on April 8th of 2024.

While the cosmos are now in the collective consciousness of people on Earth, there seemingly appears to be a steady increase of paranormal activity happening everywhere. The energies from the eclipse, may alter our perception of things, perhaps in a positive way. This type of phenomenon, is believed to be naturally occurring electromagnetic lines happening throughout the Earth. Another name people give these lines are “ley lines”.

Human cosmos consciousness

In nature, things can sometimes be blurry leading to confusion. Realities can become thinner and there can be crossovers. People quite often are skeptical about what they can’t see, hear or feel. Maybe more will be revealed when this eclipse takes place. With so much speculation, people are even making mentions of apocalyptic type scenarios happening on August 21st. Will mankind finally be visited by some kind of extraterrestrial entity? Who knows? But anything is possible at this point.

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