Double Tragedy

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This rather strange occurrence happened previously on the same road when Nurse Sarah Sanaghan lost her twin sister 18 years earlier. Tragically, Sarah died on the same road as her sister Cari did. Her accident was only 500 feet away from where her sister Cari died some 18 years ago. Her twin was killed by a hit and run automobile accident which took place on Burville Road near Exchange Avenue in Crete. Sanaghan, her twin and several other friends snuck out of their house 18 years ago to visit a boy.

Sarah’s twin Cari was killed oddly enough by neighbor Richard Devon who lived only 3 houses from them. Her sisters death was not the only victim in this tragic accident, their friends Cortney Lauer age 11 and Sheena Acres age 12 died as well. Richard Devon was sentenced to jail for 2.5 years.

Sarah Sanaghan

Sarah battled depression from the loss of her sister and their friends from years earlier, what the police report provided was drivers error in judgment…as Sarah pulled out in front of a semi-tractor near Crete, Indiana. Crete is a small community in Greensfork Township, Randolph County in Indiana and is located about 3 miles east from the town of Lynn. Sarah was struck from the passengers side of her Chevrolet Cruze vehicle, it was around 5:40 am when this nurse (Sarah) was pronounced dead in Dyer from blunt force trauma to her head.

Sarah Sanaghan

Sarah leaves behind an 11 year old son named Elijah. Friends of the family said the nightmare of the day that she lost her twin sister and friends haunted her into adulthood. Despite her depression, she tried to stay upbeat and positive in life. Sarah apparently had a new job opportunity which came her way in the medical industry. Friends and family of Sarah have established a campaign to raise funding for a memorial, initially the goal was set at $1,000 dollars but they have raised over $7,000.

Sarah’s stepmother said: “We do not want to relive this again, she had a lot going for her…and now she’s with her sister, she was a beautiful girl”.

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