Smiling Ghost Photo-bombs Paranormal Investigation At Hospital And Orphanage

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While there are a large amount of fakes, there are some photographs that make you wonder. This photo is no exception, as it is one of the best looking ghost photographs ever seen. The photo was taken during an investigation at the Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in Liverpool. This location has since been abandoned but paranormal presences continue to manifest themselves here, according to some experts.

Smiling Ghost Photo-bombs Paranormal Investigation At Hospital And Orphanage

Typically, when a photograph such as this is taken, only a few people are seen in the actual photo. This time, there were 29 different investigators…searching for anything unusual and related to paranormal phenomena.

The following comments were made:

“Upon inspecting the photograph yesterday morning I noticed, almost immediately, the grey girl in the center of the image, and then the face directly below her,” the amateur ghost hunter told Reddit.

“If we include the grey girl and the face below her, that gives us a body count of 32 people (including the camera operator), which was impossible because there were only 30 people on the premises at the time. We have not manipulated this image in anyway. I, quite frankly, am computer illiterate, and I couldn’t successfully use Photoshop anymore than I could fly a 747.”

The sheer size of Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage is quite large. It consists of 99,000 square feet made up of corridors, hallways, hospital wards, chapels and mortuaries. The building dates back 138 years, when it opened its doors back in 1874.

During this time period, there were 321 different orphaned children living at the location. From what is understood, at one point in time – there were upwards of a thousand children living together here. The place was often unkempt and neglected, leaving the conditions quite poor for these children to live in

Over the years, a number of different paranormal teams and other investigators have come here in hopes to discover something. This photograph, remains one of the best documented ghost sightings at the facility.

Smiling Ghost Photo-bombs Paranormal Investigation At Hospital And Orphanage

Upon looking at the photograph, there appears to be a second face seen between two of the investigators. Both of these apparitions seem to be smiling. Their expressions appear to be wickedly eerie, yet humorous as well.

One person said, these two spirits appear to be happy. They look like a young lady and young man. Perhaps their tormented souls still stir around the hallways here. They took this opportunity to get snapped up on camera.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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