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Andrea Dawn Old Ghost Man Photo

Old Ghost Man Photo Gets Shared On Facebook

When Andrea Dawn snapped a photograph back years ago, she had no idea what else she had captured. While using her cell phone, she intended to capture a selfie to be used online. To...

Ghost woman heard on camera

Ghost Hunting Team Gets Screamed At By Ghost

The Illinois Paranormal Researchers Association (IPRA) posted a spine chilling screech made by what appears to be a female ghost of some kind. Why she was protecting this area is unknown but clearly some...

Frog from Loveland Ohio Sighting

The Loveland Frog Sightings

There are bizarre creatures in this world, we never imagined that could actually exist. Many years ago, in Clermont County, Ohio something quite bizarre was allegedly seen. Standing a mere 3 to 4 feet...

Hells Gate Indiana night

The Horrors of Hell’s Gate Indiana

A number of people, have claimed that Hell’s Gate exists in a place called Brazil, Indiana. Rumors have swirled, saying that there are seven different gates that are actually located around the Wabash Valley...

Strange sounds heard in Allen Texas

Strange sounds heard in Allen, Texas

Located in Allen, Texas about six years ago, strange sounds were heard. These sounds were distinctively loud in the video. These occurrences have continued to happen for many years. People have been scratching their...

Nancy Kerlin grave site middle of road

Grave in the middle of the road

Located in the middle of the road in Indiana, is a rather bizarre site to be seen. Within both crossings of the road, nearly 200 years ago, a woman was buried here. Things have...