It Has Begun, Scientists Have Created Living Robots With Supercomputers

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An announcement was made recently which first appeared on The Guardian’s website. Scientists from both the University of Vermont and Tufts University are now using supercomputers to design and manipulate small nano robots. These robots are only a millimeter wide in size and automatically can repair themselves upon damage taken.

Micro xenobots made from living cells

The hope is, these small robots can medically repair problems in the human body. Examples of this would be these robots cleaning out arteries and micro-plastics from the ocean. They are also speculating that these robots can also find radioactive waste as well. The robots have been labeled as tiny ‘xenobots’ made from living cells. The xenobots are frogs. Their DNA origin comes from 100% frogs.

These new artificial biological organisms are rather incredible in what they eventually will do. Consider the fact these xenobots can move freely and repair themselves already. The sky’s the limit once research progresses further. 

An interview took place, which was led by robotics professor Joshua Bogard from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Vermont. It was later published in the journal of the US National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). “These are innovative living machines. They are neither traditional robots nor any known species of animal. It is a new category of creation: a living programmable organization, “said Bongard.

“We can imagine various useful applications of these living robots, which other machines cannot do, such as dispatching in radioactive contaminated environments, collecting ocean-going micro-plastics, or cleaning the interior of arteries from the atherosclerotic plaque ,” Mike Levin said, director of the Center for Renaissance and Developmental Biology at Tufts University, according to the Athens News Agency.

It is quite incredible to imagine…that people have created complete biological machines designed from scratch. Things like this have become a sort of evolution with artificial intelligence leading the way. Perhaps a new form of robotic life will coexist along with humans sooner than we think. 

(Source: The Guardian)

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