Cat-eyed Chinese Boy can see in the dark

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It comes as a shock to those around him. However, since he was born, this particular boy, is able to see further than anyone else could ever imagine. His name is Nong Yousui and essentially, he is superhuman of sorts. Bestowed with a great set of peepers, he can navigate quite easily in the darkness.

Aside from his eyes being sensitive to light, they appear as an unusual shade of blue, like the eyes of a Siamese cat. This rare condition is known as luekodermia, which leaves Nong’s eyes exposed to sunlight damage, yet also allows him to see clearly in the dark.

Nong Yousui cat boy able to see in the dark

In general, it is extraordinarily rare for an Asian person to have blue eyes. Blue eyes are a recessive gene. In all likelihood, if one parent happens to have blue eyes and the other brown, then most likely they will have brown eyes.

From what is known, Asian people have a lot of Melanin in their eyes and hair. Mostly, the populations around the world of Asian people, have dark brown or black colored hair. When an Asian person has blue eyes, then it traces back to their heritage from an ancestor from Scandinavia. Mongolians overall, have lighter hair and lighter colored eyes in all of Asia.

During conversations with family, if a child does get blue eyes, then it is due to them having a Caucasian parent or grandparent. Blue eyes are a mutation, so it is rare in general…especially in some regions of the world.

Since this story initially spread in 2009, Nong’s friends, family, doctors and others have claimed that he has perfect vision while being in complete darkness. Nong’s father at first was very confused and took him to the hospital searching for answers.

Nong Yousui

Doctors told him, that his son would later lose his blue eyes and they would turn black or brown like most Chinese people have. Only thing is, they didn’t Nong still has his unusual blue eyes. It seems that he is extra sensitive to bright lights, including being outside on a sunny day. Nong’s teacher said, that his eyes reflect a neon green tone when light is shined directly into them.

After Nong’s story went public, a skeptical Chinese journalist, decided to test his young boy and the claims surrounding him. A series of tests were given, including questionnaires for the boy to complete. Everything was set in a controlled environment, which included a pitch black dark room. Upon completing these tests, the results were staggering. Little Nong, was able to see, read, and write perfectly in complete darkness.

Known as The World Record Academy, they certified that Nong can see in the dark and even awarded him with a world record. His night vision has since perplexed many as he is a living phenomenon. Scientists and skeptics still doubt his superhuman vision to date. Many debunk sites, also claim that this is nothing but an elaborate hoax. Either way, it is fascinating to know that Nong might be unique with his alleged gift. There are many things which exist that science simply cannot explain. Perhaps this is another one of those things. Nong has been nicknamed “Cat Boy”. This is what he looks like now seen in the photo below.

(Source: Look4Ward)

Nong Yousui now grown up in 2018

Nong Yousui now grown up in 2018


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