Dover Castle Ghost

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This extraordinary video captured what appears to be an apparition floating across the gate to Dover Castle, located in the English county of Kent in the United Kingdom. It is known as the “Key to England” for its significance throughout history and was founded in the 12th century. With its long history of many happenings throughout time, it seems this spirit was left behind.

Looking carefully, you can see the ghostly entity trying to manifest as it wanders from right to left. It appears to have legs moving like it is walking. There are many stories about this place and sightings reported of ghosts. It has become a hotspot for paranormal investigators. There are even paranormal tours for the area.

dover ghost sighting

The footage is believed to have been filmed from a CCTV camera and then re-recorded on a mobile phone. A curious security guard afterward wanders over to investigate the area. The United Kingdom is known for much folklore and paranormal activities.

Everything ranging from footsteps in empty corridors to spirits appearing to pass through walls. People believe that a ghost is nothing more than a glitch from a past event in time, like a snapshot captured on camera. One theory is there is a parallel universe lapping over ours creating a tear in our reality.

One viewer mentioned that this is not a ghost but a demonic presence on the video. The person who uploaded this video insists that it is indeed for real and not fake. What do you think?

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