Young Asian woman uses telekinesis to defend herself

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The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes people do so from using drugs or failing to educate themselves one way or another. However, what if someone can literally use their mind over matter? Does telekinesis actually exist in our world? This video, appears to show a young woman, defending herself. Several men approach both her and her friend then moments later…they are seen being knocked back by some kind of invisible force.

Real telekinesis caught on cam

While she may well have some kind of telekinetic powers, she also could be guarded by something supernatural. Perhaps even a demonic entity or angelic presence of some kind, may be warding off her would be attackers. Other theories about this, includes extreme witchcraft or other dark magic practices. Whatever it may well be, it is still interesting to watch.

Young Asian woman uses telekinesis to defend herself

After this happens, the young woman spins around almost as if she is showing off her powers to the crowd, seemingly taunting them to come at her. Fearful of their lives, people are awestruck and have no idea what to do next.

Young Asian woman uses telekinesis

The entire event seems to be captured by a stationary camera, from aboard a nearby bus. When the young woman stops in place for a short moment, she then begins screaming to the top of her lungs. Then, objects start falling down around her as she drops to the ground. The video then ends and certainly this could be some kind of elaborate prank video or perhaps not.

Real telekinesis caught on camera

Seeing videos such as this, makes one wonder whether or not people have figured out how to manipulate natural forces through science or from spirituality. It is unknown the exact location of where this event took place or the date. This video, was uploaded on YouTube back in 2013 and has since been seen 3.5 million times. Someone out there surely knows more about this. The comments are amusing to read through. It seems about half the people believe this while the other half don’t.

Officially, telekinesis also called psychokinesis, or PK is just a theory and not fact. Someone being able to transform or move objects with their mind, would be quite incredible. From what is known in science, there is no mechanism in which the human mind could actually bend or manipulate material objects of any kind. That is unless secretly, experiments are taking place underground somewhere or in other remote locations. While it may seem foolish, it is more foolish to simply dismiss the possibility.

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