My Imaginary Friend Almost Killed Me

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There are many things which we simply don’t understand. The existence of the extraordinary seems prevalent in some situations, but is it simply our imaginations that have gone wild? A story was shared, about a young girl who at the time was around 9 years old. She lived with her grandmother and mother in a quaint older home just outside the city limits.

This young girl, had light brown colored hair – which she wore in a pigtail quite often. Her eyes were a piercing green color and by all means, she was rememberable. This little girl said, that her friends name was Lucy and when she was bored, she would wander around the property of her Victorian-styled home with her. The home itself, was believed to be built back in the early 1800’s. Like many children, they have active imaginations, able to make believe in things that are not really there.

This young girl, seemed to behave rather peculiarly. She became possessive about different things. When her mother would call her for dinnertime, she didn’t want to leave, as she was playing with her friend Lucy, who became a controlling force upon her life. Lucy begged the young girl not to leave and often she would throw toys at her, pulling her hair and sometimes she would get bruises on her arms, legs and body.

Becca and Lucy a ghost story

When the young girl approached her 9th birthday, she recalled her encounter with Lucy her imaginary friend. Lucy was really mad that day, so she entered the girls bathroom and dunked her head underwater. The little girl couldn’t breathe, as she suffered from an asthma condition. Crying, kicking and screaming, the little girl gasped for air. Hearing all of the noise, the girl’s grandmother entered the room. Lucy let loose a horrifying scream, that haunted ones very soul.

The very next day, the girls mother called for an exorcist. She tried to forget about what had happened. The entire home was doused and blessed with holy water, in hopes to rid this place of whatever sinister spirit that lingered behind. The young girl later heard a giggle in her ear. It was Lucy who whispered, “Goodbye, Becca. It was really fun playing with you. I’ll miss you.”

As time passed Becca grew up and would later move away from the area. Becca’s mother gave her a piece of paper and on it their old address. Written on the paper was the following: TENANTS-MARY TAYLOR CHRIS, LUCY ASHLEY CHRIS.

These were the birthdays and names of several children who previously lived at the old home. Mary was born on March 12, 1856 and Lucy was born on December 1, 1872. It seems that Lucy had died from a rare heart condition which inevitably killed her. Lucy and Mary’s mother was so distraught of her daughter’s death that she later killed herself. Becca always wondered why Lucy’s sister Mary didn’t haunt her too.

Several months later on Memorial Day, Becca went to visit Lucy’s grave site. Lucy’s mother was buried right next to her. After gathering up enough courage, Becca bent down and placed a bouquet of white roses upon Lucy’s grave. Becca believed that at any moment, Lucy’s small hands would reach up and drag Becca into the very grave where she stood. As the flowers grazed to the ground, a whisper was heard saying “Thanks.” Becca immediately turned around and ran faster than she ever did before.

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