800 million year old sleeping beauty found in Russia

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The scientific community is in a stir, as the remains of an 800 million year old woman was found in Russia. It was the year of 1969, when this discovery happened in a village known as Rzhavchik, in the Kemerovo region. This was unlike anything else discovered until this point in time. If the age of this is indeed for real, then this changes everything we know about our past world history—refuting the theory of evolution.

This happened by accident, as strip mining work was being done at a coal mine. The mining team went far and a miner named Karnaukhov discovered a marble shaped casket which was manufactured unlike anything seen before. Karnaukhov went about 230 feet underground, as he found this strange casket. The coffin had taken its toll, as it began to melt away from the sunlight striking it. Commander Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygin, ordered all of the work being done to stop immediately.

When the coffin was brought into the light, it looked to be pinkish in color, with a blue/pink type liquid inside of it. The coffin looked to be made of some sort of putty. Inside, encased by liquid, was the remains of a beautiful woman. She was approximately thirty years old. Her blue eyes were magnificent as they remained eerily open. Her waist was thin, her hands were short and her fingernails were neatly trimmed.

Beauty found

Her dress was pure white transparent and made from lace, as it reached toward her knees. At first sight, the men who first gazed upon her, thought that she was still alive somehow—as she laid there so calm and rested. Their hope was that she was still alive and only was sleeping. From the head side (top of the coffin) the miners found a black rectangular metal box. The box was rounded from one end and comparable to that of a cell phone in size. This box was approximately 25 to 10 cm in size.

After opening the coffin, it was on display for everyone to see for several hours. The entire village came to see this mysterious sleeping beauty. With this discovery, it was reported to the district centre. As time passed, the fire brigade, the military, and the militia all arrived by a brick-red helicopter.

Afterward, they pushed away any onlookers from the scene. Authorities (KGB) then sealed off the area, they then quarantined everyone who touched the coffin, including those who had been standing nearby. They were taken to medical emergency areas for examinations. Initially, the plan was to transport the woman in the coffin by helicopter.

At first, it was unsuccessful as there was too much weight to move. So, they decided to drain out the liquid (big mistake) as after doing so the corpse began to blacken right before their eyes. It seems whatever this liquid was, kept her preserved throughout time. They quickly poured what liquid they could salvage back into the coffin.

Nearly immediately, she began to take color again—as her eyes went from black to the beautiful blue they once were before. Her cheeks blushed again also. Witnesses were ordered to disperse. After that, the helicopter soared skyward and headed for Novosibirsk. Scientists from Moscow were originally going to publish their findings soon. They were in shock to learn that this woman’s corpse was 800 million years old, by their estimation.

800 million year old sleeping beauty found corpse in coffin

Ironically, she is older than the coal itself at the mining site. The only logical explanation is, she is from an ancient civilization here on Earth. Perhaps even a time traveler. Who she is or perhaps where she is from still remains to be a mystery to date. The Darwinian theory of evolution now has to be called into question. Now the question, what happened to her body?

Update: Those at the dig site who were there, all have died except one geologist. They died from accidents such as a drowning and a automobile crash. This leads those to believe that these tombs were not meant to be discovered. There were apparently 2 more coffins which were found that were similar.

All of their coffins were made from strange materials still not yet identified. The dress she wore was made from an unknown material which is unknown. One man actually tasted the sealing and later became insane a week later, he died frozen outside his home.

Several people tried to find out the truth of things, one of them continued to press the issue and he died 2 months later. Perhaps this was a cover up of sorts. Several other witnesses died as well. The remaining people in the area kept their silence in fear for their lives.

The government returned in 1973 and sealed off the area. They thoroughly searched the area and found two more similar graves. These graves were discovered by the shore of a lake known as Berchikul. This lake is 6 kilometers from Rzhavchik. The government never disclosed further information about the other grave site discoveries.

(Source: Ancient Patriarchs)

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