Hidden UFO and treasure discovered at ancient Indian temple

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Temple in India crowd

Whether this is a hoax or legitimate, has had people wondering ever since the other vaults were opened back during 2011. There is a mysterious vault known as Vault B, located inside the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India. The mystery of Vault B, has kept people away for many years.

The temple itself, was built with both Kerala and Dravidian style architecture. This style was associated with different temples found in areas like Tamil Nadu. The building structure often featured high walls and 16th-century Gopuram.

Vault B India discovery

From what is known, a team was approved by the Supreme Court, to open various other vaults inside the temple. Inside of these vaults, were treasure troves of jewelry, idols, coins, scrolls, precious stones and more. But more importantly, it is believed that only a selected few, have see with their own eyes, a discovery found inside…that would change everything we know about our world today.

Reportedly, the mystery of Vault B was discredited, when Auditor General Vinod Rai informed the Supreme Court that Vault B, had been opened at least seven different times, according to him. However, many believe this was a mask of confusion to hide away what was really found.

Ancient alien discovery in India

Nobody knew anything previously, yet due to sacred believes, this temple is highly regarded among the people. Allegedly, inside of Vault B, was an object otherworldly by nature. It is believed, that it is not from this Earth.

UFO flying machine inside Vault B India

Before entering Vault B, a team had to pry open a massive cast iron door, that had no latch upon it. Vault B, never had any written or oral records ever being opened before. The only known method of opening the vault was documented by religion.

Comparably, it would be the equivalent of someone saying “Open Sesame”. Throughout time, the chant was lost by the Royal Family and no shrine priests claimed to know the mantra either.

The estimation is, the value of the treasure found inside the temple, could total nearly over $1 trillion dollars. However, nobody dared open such an inner sanctum like this, especially without written or verbal permission. All of the wealth inside the temple, is believed to be the result of donations, offerings and/or penalties from kings during the 18th century.

This was mentioned: “Under military security, we opened all the vaults except “B”,” advised Shital Ramandeep, spokesperson for the Royal family of Trivandrum. “We are not happy that the High Courts are allowing this. It is not advised to open vault “B”. It will insult and anger Lord Vishnu.”

Perhaps, the discovery presented more than what was bargained for, while opening all of the vaults inside the Thiruvananthapuram’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, monetary wealth and the alleged extraterrestrial UFO ship discoveries, remain the biggest finds so far. Perhaps someone out there, knows more about what was kept hidden from the public. Some feel the wealth should be rightfully used, to help the citizens of the country in their times of need.

(Source: The Sage and Forbes)

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