Farmer Finds Werewolf Skull Inside Wooden Chained Box

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The country of Bulgaria has a diverse terrain, with much culture and history. Here, a rather interesting discovery was made. One day, while a Bulgarian farmer was plowing his field, he came across a buried wooden box. This box was unusual itself and what was inside really freaked him out. After opening this chained wooden box, he discovered a skull that resembled that of a werewolf in folklore.

Werewolf skull in box Bulgaria

Also known as lycanthrope, werewolves have the ability to shape shift into a wolf. Legends about them include gypsy curses and hapless victims – being bitten by a werewolf only later to transform into one themselves. In modern day, clinical lycanthropy is a rare psychiatric syndrome, leaving people with the delusion that they are a werewolf.

The legends surrounding werewolves, depended upon each region. Some people believe that babies could even turn into a werewolf. Babies born with more hair, usually were looked at differently. Other history includes, when a man became a werewolf – he died from a mortal sin or made a deal with the devil itself.

When Bulgarian farmer Trayche Draganov first found the box, it had markings on it. He was plowing a section of his field, located within the Republic of Macedonia. Finding something like this is quite unusual. Draganov later decided to give the skull to government wildlife officials.

It was later determined, that the skull may have been the result of a wolf suffering from paget disease. This condition causes the skull to become larger in size and more human-like by appearance. Others belief this is something else entirely.

Werewolf skull found in Bulgaria

Historian Filip Ganev, would later visit Draganov and was able to photograph the skull before it was handed over to officials. Enlarged sized craniums, are found in primate species quite typically.

When Draganov spoke, he said he wasn’t worried about releasing any spirits of the dead. However, many people living in the nearby village were worried and rightfully so. From what is known, Draganov publicly showed off the werewolf skull while he had it. Those living in this region, think that Draganov should have left the skull where is was, never opening it.

Novo Selo Republic of Macedonia Werewolf skull

Draganov said, “Many of my neighbors are angry that I disturbed the vrkolak (werewolf). They say that I will be reborn as a werewolf. If that is now my fate, so be it. What is done is done.”

It is unknown if Draganov will return the werewolf skull back where he had found it. It makes one wonder whether or not the locals living here, will dispose of his body just to make sure. Maybe during a full moon, Draganov will return as a werewolf himself.

(Source: Disclose TV and Ancient Origins)

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