Fishermen discover werewolf corpse in river

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Two fishermen allegedly were out one day, spending a relaxing afternoon together. It was all quite typical, until both he and his friend discovered what appears to be a werewolf corpse, lying in the shallow water below where they were fishing that day.

Werewolf in the water

Most often, it is quite difficult to believe that something such as this—actually may exist within our world. It is tough to keep an open mind about it, but more than likely, this is some kind of dead bear which also appears to have been rotting for quite some time.

Whether or not, these two guys decided to bring in some kind of expert or even try to tote the corpse to their vehicle is unknown. Judging by the shape of this thing, it appeared to be incredibly strong to say the least. Certainly, this is something not to be messed with and would scare most people away.

Dead werewolf discovered in shallow water

It must have weighed hundreds of pounds before decaying completely. The other fisherman, appears to be smiling out of fear, amazement or from what his friend said while taking the picture. If this is indeed a werewolf, then one can only imagine what might have killed it. Legend states that silver bullets can drop a werewolf, reverting the person back into their natural human form upon death.

Werewolf howling at night during full moon

Many werewolf legends, trace back to an affliction known as lycanthropy. When someone has been bitten, they are transformed over time into an upright walking wolf. More often than not, they are portrayed as bloodthirsty savages, mutilating someone into pieces to feed from. Comparably, vampires do the same thing, but often feed more distinctively and selectively not being quite as messy overall.

Werewolves have the unique ability, to transform themselves into a wolf, for travel purposes. This allows them to travel faster, through various terrains and thereby chase down their prey. Just like a regular wolf, they are known to roam in packs together as well.

Inherently, they are also believed to heal faster than normal and their body regenerates at a much faster rate. The concept of werewolves, dates back to the early part of European folklore. A person will become infected from a bite or from a cursed affliction, by the hands of a gypsy or otherwise. Werewolves are a widespread concept and have many different variations to them.

During the early modern period, werewolves were believed to have spread during the New World events of colonialism. Many people still believe in werewolves and witches among other things. These beliefs date back towards the late middle ages and in the early modern period.

Whether or not this photo shows an actual werewolf, is up for anyone’s interpretation. This thing, certainly looks unusual in the photograph for sure.

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