Father Encounters Shapeshifter In The Wild

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Someone who wished to remain anonymous shared their story. This person explained that when they were younger, their father told them a story about a shapeshifter encounter in the wild. This person’s father explained that when he was nine years old, he lived in a small town in Mexico back in 1957.

While walking back from home, he decided to wander along a dirt road. Taking this route, was undoubtedly a shortcut from the local food market. It was about a 3 mile journey, that started through an avocado grove.

It was cooler during this time of year being during fall. The night would come earlier as well during this time of year. He remembers it being around 8 PM, when he tracked back home with food. After a while, he began to feel uneasy. A sense of dread came over him. He felt like someone was watching him.

While he was making his way past another part of the avocado grove a real sense of fear came over him. Once he found his way along a post, that was illuminated by a single light bulb he felt a little more at ease. It wasn’t much light but enough to see around a bit further.

His father began to whistle to distract himself of his fear. After a few minutes had passed, he felt something brush up against his leg. With what he could see, it appeared to be that of a large dog, only it wasn’t this was something else entirely.

Dogman shapeshifter in forest

After his father came across the side of the same dirt road he travels on, he looked down immediately after a blood-curdling screech took place. Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. This was something else entirely. It stood up on its hind legs and was covered with a coat of black hair. It also appeared to have red eyes as well.

The man explained that his father ran faster than he ever did before. When he arrived home, he told his mother about what had happened. About a week had passed since the incident. The local authorities were contacted to investigate what had happened.

The owners of the avocado grove, were also told something made its way through their property. As it turned out, the owners of the grove have a daughter and she went missing. Eventually, her body was discovered around the same area, where this boy’s father once wandered.

The girl was found clutching a rosary, it was determined she died from a frightful induced heart attack. Her body was not far from the same light post where this boy’s father witnessed a large sized humanoid dog person. There are many legends and lore in Mexico mentioning “el nahual” or Nagual.

It is believed that a Nagual can transform into that of a jaguar, puma, donkey, bird, coyote, wolf or dog. These shapeshifters, have the power to transform themselves either spiritually or physically. There is limited information about them, that consists of passed down stories from legends. If they exist, they have the perfect disguise…to stay hidden in the wild for as long as they desire. Why and when they might prey upon others, is a mystery altogether.

(Source: My Haunted Life Too)

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