My House Is Haunted, What To Do Next?

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It can be a difficult thing to ward away or completely rid a home of unwanted spirits. Some think that it is practically impossible to do so. While this is often what most people think, it doesn’t mean that things can’t be done to get rid of unwanted spirits or possibly anything else.

Many times the location has a history about it, where someone died tragically. Their spirit has simply refused to leave for whatever different reason. They were unable to move onward into the afterlife.

The common belief is, there is both a heaven and hell. Others think this is it, after we die we are done. There is also the possibility, that we come back to this world through reincarnation. Only those who have had near death experiences, can best give us some kind of answer about the afterlife.

When in doubt, it is advisable to seek out help. There are many paranormal investigators out there, that might have an answer to what you have been experiencing.

The use of priests or other religious practitioners is a common practice. Many turn to science to help them find an answer. Regarding anything paranormal, it is tough to explain things sometimes because science and logic doesn’t come close to some situations.

The use of a psychic is another way to get to the bottom of things. These people are highly attuned to everything around them. They can pick up on things that others simply cannot. Because of this, they may be able to make contact with these ghostly spirits.

One thing that can immediately be done, is to write things down when they occur. Try and track the location and time where something seemed out of the ordinary. If someone else witnessed the same paranormal type event, then get them to detail what they witnessed as well. Even watching weather patterns can help when trying to figure out what is happening.

Try to remain calm about what happened. Do your best to rule out any kind of natural explanations that might have occurred. While it does happen rarely most often nobody is physically harmed. However, there have been numerous documented moments where people have been scratched and/or hit by some kind of invisible force.

My House Is Haunted What To Do Next

The entity responsible may have been that of a ghost or something more demonic by nature. If you have a camera nearby, try to record everything around you. Get sound and video of the area. Most importantly, hold your camera the correct way to capture a wider frame (if using a mobile phone). If you are able, try to setup multiple cameras around your house.

Sometimes people think a haunting is attached to a physical object in the home. It might be something such as a keepsake. This memento, might be harnessing some kind of energy that is attracting a spirit to come. Unknowingly, it may be something you purchased recently from a thrift store.

These antiques, might be attached to something else unwanted in this world. If this is the cause, then take it back where you found it. Destroying the object, may only anger whatever is attached to it. There are other practices that include smudging your location and/or the suspected object near you, with white sage. Blessed holy water can be sprinkled around your home as another method.

Also, frankincense is another highly effective tool, to be used against spirits. What is known as a smell bell can be used to help by ringing it in all four corners of the room. Asafoetida can be burned along with incense, to help cleanse your residence.

This is a highly potent plant, gives off a very strong odor. It will smell like onions and sulphur. It has been suggested that if you start from the upstairs of your home first and then work your way down to the basement, the cleansing will be far more effective this way.

Eventually, you will want to move towards the front door, repeating your cleansing ritual. Praying also is believed to help. However, you will want to remain completely focused and may have to repeat this process a number of times.

Another method is to use a shallow type dish, filled with vinegar. The acid in this, is believed to dissolve etheric energies. Salt is another thing to be used and should be spread across the floor in each of the rooms, suspected to be haunted by something. The salt method should be done and spread along the floor in each of the corners. Leave the salt there for several weeks before removing it.

If all else fails, it might be time to move away from this area entirely. Sometimes an individual person might be haunted and further action will be needed to ward away whatever it is disturbing this person.

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