Pombéro creature captured on camera

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Pombéro creature on camera

Dating back to Guaraní mythology, where people from South America live—a most unusual creature has been mentioned and even captured on video in recent times. Known as the Pombéro, these small stature d humanoid creatures—have been known to wreak havoc upon rural farmers in various locations.

The legend about them, dates back many years from areas like Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. These pint-sized menaces have become an ever growing part of Guaraní culture over time. The Pombéro are not only known for being small stature d but also how they lust after girls.

It is said that they would capture unsuspecting girls, forcing them to kiss them. After this, they are said to try and have sex with them as well. Pombéro have been accused of impregnating single women by the mere touch of their hands. The offspring from the Pombéro are said to have a lot of hair on their bodies and are unsightly to look at.

The Pombéro are believed to be able to imitate bird songs, especially songs of the nocturnal variety. It is also believed, that they have an affinity for birds and are sort of protectors of them. Witnesses mention that the Pombéro whistles first, before appearing out into the open.

Pombéro creature drawing

Usually, they reside near forests or sometimes inhabit abandoned buildings. Finding a Pombéro is not impossible, yet is quite difficult due to their silent movements and other abilities. They seem to be rather stealthy with how they travel and walk fairly silent with their large hairy feet. Their mouth is said to be large and elongated and their teeth are white in appearance.

Some believe, that they have the ability to turn invisible and can narrowly squeeze through tight confined spaces. Perhaps this is why, they have been able to steal eggs and vegetables from farmers meanwhile spooking their horses and other livestock.

These oddball creatures, are also known by their other name Señor della Noche. The Pombéro seems to have some sense of intelligence, as it travels often with a knapsack while making its way through smaller rural communities. It is said they will not go into larger populated areas, as hiding would proof to be more difficult for them.

Rosalía Suárez and family

Several years ago, a woman named Rosalía Suárez who was 24 at the time, experienced strange symptoms during her pregnancy. According to the published Chronicle of Paraguay, a strange being was born alive then died 7 hours later. It cried eerily similar to that of a cat’s meow. It was believed that Rosalía had been impregnated by a Pombéro.

Rosalía Suárez and family Pombéro baby

The family gave a Christian burial within the courtyard of the house, where they prayed to God “for the rest of the creature”. This allegedly happened in Colonia Santa Clara of the district of Liberation, department of San Pedro.

Another incident happened in July of (2016) when two and a half year old Octavio Leonel Da Silva was lost in the Argentinean countryside. He went missing for several days, before being found by a large search party that also used a drone along with the police.

The family believed that a Pombéro captured him, taking him into the forest they were thankful for his safe return. Perhaps there are more small-sized creatures lurking in the shadows, while we wait for more evidence of them.

The Pombéro is an interesting, yet highly unusual creature indeed. This video labelled “Goblin” shows the same type creature approaching a group of small children in Argentina. (One child yells loud keep volume in check)

(Source: Wikipedia, Churero, and Strange History)

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