The Grafton Monster Of West Virginia

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One rather bizarre and unexplained encounter, has since sparked other sightings. The first event took place in Grafton, West Virginia. In more recent times, The Grafton Monster, was allegedly recorded on the television series, Mountain Monsters on Destination America. This mysterious creature, has been also featured in the 2018 Fallout 76 video game as well. 

Best described has a brooding beast, The Grafton Monster has no physical head features that are easily distinguishable. This creature stands fairly tall and looks quite formidable. It’s sheer size and strength, would likely take down anyone who crossed paths with it. 

The population of Grafton, West Virginia is around 5,000 people. The area is fairly remote. Previously, this location was known as a railroad boom-town. Many coal miners passed through here hoping to get a piece of the action. The city of Grafton, is surrounded by dense forest and small farms around the area. Grafton is also known for being the first place where Mother’s Day service was held back on May 10, 1908.

The monster here has become a famous story. There have been witnesses who have come forward, saying they have seen something suspicious lurking in the woods here aside from bears, deer or anything else like an animal. It has been suspected that The Grafton Monster prowls around the outskirts of Grafton. Nobody has been able to capture it but a number of photos and eyewitnesses have come forward. 

One teenager came forward trying to describe this cryptozoological creature. They said it was “nine feet tall and about four feet wide.” This monster of sorts, is physically bigger than any Bigfoot sighting seen. 

A theory exists about the origination of The Grafton Monster, some think it was first sighted in Morgantown, West Virginia. The creature wandered for miles through the Monongahela and Tygart rivers before reaching Grafton. Where this thing came from is anyone’s best guess. Quite possibly, it could be an escaped experiment gone wrong. 

Around 30 different teenagers started up a monster hunt and chased after this creature. It took place back in 1964. Some speculate that all of this began, from the imaginations from a few local teenagers. People were eager to find any evidence that they could. 

Further describing what this creature looked like, are a number of mixed descriptions. Some said The Grafton Monster had an all white body, without a discernible head.

This sign was stolen and later returned in Grafton.

The original witness, might have mistakenly confused someone moving boxes or another object, during the evening hours. However, this is mere speculation. People still flock to Grafton, hoping to catch a glimpse of this famed beast. This monster has no doubt helped the local economy with tourism. 

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