Feminist Pours Bleach On Men’s Crotches In Russia

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In an odd act of defiance, a young woman has been seen pouring bleach on mens crotches in subways. Anna Dovgalyuk, is a law student and feminist activist living in Russia. She hopes to spread her message loud and clear sort of speak.

Using water bottles filled with bleach, she goes around pouring the liquid on men who wish to spread their legs wide open while sitting. Known as “manspreading”, happens when a man spreads his legs out too far in public places.

Disgusted, Anna Dovgalyuk decided to take things into her own hands literally. Another definition says that “manspreading” is when men sit down and move their legs too far open. This happens in places like subways, trains and planes often. Any man will say there is a reason for this…as his balls sometimes might stick to his legs. Sometimes, he needs a little bit of help or air down there. Many women don’t understand this apparently.

Anna believes along with some other women, that “manspreading” is a real problem. She said,
“It is a disgusting act that is being fought around the world. This is my new video manifesto, dedicated to the problem of manspreading.”

The internet defines “manspreading” when a man spreads his legs open and encroaches on an adjacent seat. Anna wants to make a statement that will be heard worldwide. So far she has as her video and other articles are circulating around this topic.

Anna Dovgalyuk Russia

So far, Anna has poured bleach on 60 different mens crotches to send her message. Typically, she makes a mixture of both water and bleach in a bottle before heading onto the subway. She uses 30 liters of water along with 6 liters of bleach.

The solution is apparently 30 more times concentrated than typically used for laundry. Her concoction eats through colors in fabric, to leave a reminder to those who crossed her path.

Anna is from St. Petersburg. Men traveling through the St. Petersburg Metro., should be weary of her. So far, she hasn’t been legally held responsible for her actions yet.

Anna’s actions have some people outraged around the world. Many hope, that she herself will be returned the disfavor. She appears to come across as an entitled twit. Likewise, some women are outraged as well over what she is doing, while others are simply cheering her on.

Maybe her crusade will come to an end soon, before she gets someone hurt including herself.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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