Ouija Board Experience Gone Wrong

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We were contacted by Jody Dean, from the Hunting The Dead YouTube channel. A video was made on September 6th, 2018. In this video, Jody talks about a Ouija board experience that went completely wrong. It took place within the United Kingdom and there is actual video footage seen explaining these supernatural occurrences.

Jody Dean has been a part of the paranormal community for 8 years, with over 700 different investigations under his belt. Some of these investigations include deceased celebrities and haunted locations around the world. Jody also live streams on both Thursday and Sunday.

Jody also gives their review on various ghost hunting equipment. Jody has declared himself as both a warlock and an empath. With these unique abilities, he is able to communicate with spirits and other entities. During one of his sessions online, he recorded a young woman named Emma from the UK. Clearly distraught, she continues to explain what had happened to her.

Jody and Emma Ouija board session United Kingdom

Emma was attempting to communicate with her deceased grandfather, using a ouija board. While doing this, she inadvertently made contact with a malevolent demonic spirit, known as ZoZo. This same type of demon is known by other names including ZaZa, MaMa, Oz, Zo, Za, and Abacus.

More unusual things seem to have happened during this session. Emma experienced a tightness in her chest, along with the entire left side of her body going completely numb. After this happened, she was able to make contact with her deceased grandfather who told her what was happening to her. It seems as if this demonic type force, leapt into her body during this session.

They stopped what they were doing and Emma went outside after feeling ill, to get some air. A lot of things can happen to someone when they attempt to make contact with the dead. Sometimes spirits and demons can be stirred up while doing this. These entities, can latch on to someone for significant periods of time, even affecting their daily lives.

Emma Zozo experience YouTube

As Emma continues explaining things in the video, she clearly is being affected by something. At some point…Jody intervenes challenging whatever demonic force that is attacking Emma to come to him, through the internet connection.

Things such as these are attracted to different types of energies. For example, when someone gets really upset or angry, it may not be their emotional state but an unseen driving force behind them causing them to react in such a way.

Heard in the video, are voices along with an apparition manifestation happening. Something quite demonic was with them on this day. It seems like her grandfather, was trying to ward away this demon to protect his granddaughter. Voices heard include “get off” and “stop”. Not long after, a hissing sound can even be heard.

Those who have seen this amazing video, are convinced that an otherworldly entity has been plaguing Emma and her family. The video is about 39 minutes long and is worth taking a look at. It truly was a strange experience for them.

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