Mommy and daddy I can’t sleep

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This urban legend originates with several creepy dolls, who were selected by a girl at a remote garage sale. The woman who sold the dolls, reportedly was unusual herself. Some believe that this woman practiced the dark arts. Perhaps with her witchcraft and/or voodoo, she imbued these dolls with something otherworldly. As time went by, things became apparently even more strange for this family.

The Creepy Dolls

This is the only known photograph to exist and the location of where it allegedly happened is unknown. It could have happened anywhere. The story about these dolls is a creepy one indeed. Urban legends such as these, often change over time with great detail. However, with this story, there isn’t much else known.

The little 9 year old girl, who bought these dolls, one day started saying that these dolls began talking to her. Her parents didn’t think much of this at first, only thinking that it was their daughter’s imagination, like any parent would initially believe.

Their daughter, told her mommy and daddy, how the dolls would change their facial expressions from time to time. The little girl would play with her dolls alone in her room during the day. It wasn’t until late one evening, when the dolls communicated to her, saying that she should kill her parents. If the little girl didn’t, then the dolls said that they would kill the girl. The daughter didn’t know what to do at first, until she grabbed a large knife from the kitchen.

The daughter then climbed into bed with her parents sandwiched between them, saying she couldn’t sleep. Discreetly, she had the knife with her. Her mother asked the girl whether or not she had another nightmare.

The little girl replied “yes”. Moments later, the girl reached for the knife and put the blade under her mothers throat. The father immediately grabbed the girl yanking her backwards and taking away the knife. Both of the parents were outraged and surprised at what their daughter was going to do. Sobbing in tears, the daughter explained why she was going to kill them. She told them about the dolls and how they were going to kill her if she didn’t kill them.

The morning after, the father (who was clearly upset) opened the door and entered his daughters room, as he glanced over at the two dolls, he noticed both of the dolls sitting on top of his daughters bed. In their hands, was the same knife covered in blood. As he glanced down, he noticed his daughter was laying on the bed dead. This little girl, was the same one who tried to kill them the night earlier it seems.

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