Siberian Man Sues Psychics Over Them Not Getting His Wife Back

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One heartbroken husband from Siberia sought revenge against an alleged group of psychics and has won a 400,000 ruble settlement. This is about $6,136 dollars. The man claimed that these psychics failed to reunite him with his estranged wife. Apparently, their magical powers simply did not work.

This Russian man has been referred to as M.E.A. in the official court records. The man was outraged over what had happened. It is unknown exactly what kind of ritual or ceremony took place. However, whatever it was it didn’t work to reunite him with his spouse. 

All of this dates back to the summer of 2017, when the couple parted ways. He was devastated over the loss of his woman. Looking for answers, he happened to catch a television commercial for a company known as “The Sixth Sense”. This group of self-proclaimed mystics, claimed they could find and solve people’s problems through the use of magic.

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For the fee of $4,000 dollars, the company said they could use their “magical and sensory knowledge” to aid him. The man met with the company’s director and agreed to a contract of 260,332 rubles.

Of course this service didn’t work and then the man demanded a refund. The company refused and a court case was opened against them. This unnamed man, then initiated this rather bizarre lawsuit.  

There have been a number of “psychics” who have been gaining popularity lately. Likely this is due to the success of television series such as Bitva extrasensov, a “psychic challenge” competition. It has been on the air waves in Russia for 19 seasons now, according to Rambler News.

Although the claimant fulfilled his side of the deal, the Kuibyshev District Court of Omsk found no evidence that The Sixth Sense company had provided services promised. Certainly, this was one weird court case to be settled.

(Source: Independent)

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