Time traveler from 2030 shares more about the future

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Sent in to us, was a link to a video that was quite unusual. A man is seen weeping after acknowledging that he was from the future. There is nobody known in a public sense, that has been to the future or past and has returned to the present with world changing knowledge. Of course the idea of this is quite bizarre to say the least.

It seems, that this man was clearly upset over the near future predicament – the world will be in soon enough. It makes one wonder what exactly might happen to us all. Are we unknowingly in some kind of grave danger? This young man’s comments were quite vague, but what he did say was intriguing.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel by Paranormal Elite, it starts off with a young guy sitting down with his face blurred out, to keep his identity hidden. This apparent time traveler, says he is from the year 2028 and has risked himself by revealing anything to everyone living in now in 2017. From what he said, planet Earth is in danger and everyone living here is in real trouble.

Noah the time traveler speaks

As this young man continues talking he reveals further that his natural year of origination is from 2021. This of course, isn’t too far away from our near future path. Every choice and decision we make will change the outcome of things to come. The old saying goes, for every action there is a reaction.

Alluding to the demise of Earth, this guy continues to break down crying during a number of moments seen in the video. It does raise many questions to whether or not this is some elaborate hoax or if this is the real deal.

What is known is, this man works for a secret government project somewhere in the United States. During the interview, he was being referred to as Noah. At the beginning of the video, text appears, stating that Noah has been suffering from both anorexia and depression. Through some future means of discovery, Noah has lived to the age of 50.

Noah the time traveler

However, he has been deaged to 25 years old. All of this sounds rather remarkable, perhaps in the future – we will have further technologies, including nanotechnology that might assist with human genetics. Noah took some drugs to further assist him in his travels and biological stability. The video, appears like an interview, but from what is known, Noah was reading from a pre-typed document assumed to be created by him.

While this appears to be rather laughable to some, it shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. If we continue to dismiss everything that appears initially to be fake, then when something real comes along, we will miss any kind of real warning.

Google Glasses

Apparently, Paranormal Elite, sent Noah $700 dollars worth of supplies to keep him going. Noah will put this to use, while he is here in our current timeline. Noah goes on to explain about a car able to drive upwards of 600 miles on a single charge and artificial intelligence will become far more advanced by 2021. Also, eyeglasses will be released much like Google glasses.

These glasses, will become a thing – giving people the ability to use high definition, among other computer functionality comparable to cell phones and more. It seems, that Donald Trump will win the next United States presidential election as well according to what Noah says. Who knows what will happen, I guess for now, we all wait and see.

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