Strange encounters with gargoyles

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Gargoyle in Paris

Many of these are seen on the sides of buildings across the world. They are stone representations of the real thing, which serve a purpose. These carved statues are known as gargoyles. The intention of them is to deflect water away from roofs and from the sides of buildings.

The strategic placement of these stone gargoyles, is to keep rainwater from running through the masonry of the walls and to prevent erosion from happening to the mortar.

Usually, a trough is made in the back of the gargoyle and rainwater runs from the mouth of the demonic shaped carving. Their size and shape is often that of a fantasy type animal by appearance. Some of them appear to be more sinister, as they are seen perched along the sides of particular areas.


However, there are claimed encounters of gargoyles. The stories of them date back many years. These demonic entities, have been known to fixate on certain individuals from afar—before choosing the right moment to interact with them. Some believe they disguise themselves as stone carvings—so that they may hide in plain sight among the masses. In Ancient Egyptian architecture, gargoyles didn’t have much variation.

Back in 1963, two sisters encountered what they thought was a real gargoyle. At first, they went out gathering berries filling their baskets in an uncultivated area of the city, which had a deep ravine. The sisters often went out to help their mother by stocking up on berries. The location of the encounter took place in Colma, California. This area has a small population of under 1,500 people.

It was a fairly typical day for the sisters, until one of them noticed further down the ravine—a large shaped object. One of them decided to climb down the hillside, to get a better look at whatever it was. To their horror, they noticed what looked like a grotesque dragon which didn’t appear to move. They thought that this thing was dead.

The other sister, called out to the other—asking them to take a look at it. They were mesmerized by its appearance. This thing had large shaped bat wings, that reached 8 feet in length, with enormous claw shaped feet. Its head was square and elongated. It’s teeth appeared to be rather sharp also. It was laying on its backside and appeared to be dead.

The creatures claws pointed upward and looked stiff. When the other sister arrived, she immediately appeared to be hypnotized by the sight of it. Both of them started feeling scared and confused as they began screaming. The gargoyle suddenly moved and sent the sisters into a panic. They immediately began running, making their way back home.

When they arrived, their mother asked them what happened and why they were so clearly upset. They told her and she then had their brother go back with them to the same location. Feeling foolish, there was no sign of the gargoyle creature which they clearly had seen. Their older brother laughed at the two of them and teased them all the way back home.

Thinking back in recent years, the sisters who are now adults, realized how silly they must have appeared. Both sisters still stand by their claim, and what they witnessed upon that day. They still think it was something unexplained and supernatural. They continue to research about the mysterious mythical gargoyle and hope to discover more information about it even well into their 60’s.

Another encounter with a gargoyle happened back in 2001, it took place in Madrid, New Mexico. A young man helped his girlfriend move into her new home. The house was located on a steep hill, where some of the old gold mine shafts were. He decided to stay over for the night making sure she was okay.

At daybreak with his eyes still closed, he overheard a voice whispering something. The voice sounded masculine and he opened his eyes. What he noticed was a large clay-brown colored creature kneeling over and whispering into his girlfriends ear. The creature took noticed of him, with its wide pale washed out eyes. For a few moments, they stared one another down. The strange creature took a leap and jumped straight through a wall.

Thinking back about the encounter, he was sure it was a gargoyle beast. It was fairly thin and approximately around 6 feet tall. It was muscular and had large bone structures. The creatures skin was both shiny and leathery. It had claws on its fingers as well.

“The head was bony, elongated, a big mouth, almost like a schnauzer, the ears were different, more like a dog but short and firmer. It looked so old, its skin was like that of a hundred year old man.”

Tales from the Darkside Gargoyle

There have been different moments in cinema about gargoyles. One standout was the last story from the movie Tales from the Darkside released back in 1990, starring James Remar and Rae Dawn Chong. This movie was an all-star horror anthology packed with both fun and fright.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries and Hiduth)

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