Former EMT/ Firefighter Gets Spooked From Unexplained Call

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It is easy enough to dismiss such stories as nonsense, yet some of them are downright unexplainable. Something happened to a former EMT/Firefighter that still haunts them today.

It happened on one night, they had to do what is known as a wellness check on someone who dialed 911 but didn’t respond to the operator on duty. The EMT/Firefighter arrived at the address in question. The location was a quaint little house and upon their arrival a little old lady came to the door to greet them.

Elderly couple on street

They asked her who placed the 911 call. She explained that her husband died long ago and that she lived alone since her husband’s passing. Rather remarkably, the EMT went back to the station after leaving the scene. Another call comes from the same address. So, they crew went back out to the home. They spoke with her again and noticed nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The same thing happened again, they arrived back to the station and another call came in with the same exact address with no response. They emergency crew began to believe that the old lady was confused and kept pressing the same numbers on the phone. This time around they pull into the driveway and the old lady wasn’t there to greet them at the door.

When they reached the door, they knocked repeatedly. Nobody answered. However, they noticed the door was unlocked. They decided to take a peek inside to check if anyone was in trouble.

Glancing over, they noticed the old lady laying on the floor and she wasn’t breathing. They rushed in to help her and transported her to a hospital in stable condition. 

The lady woke up while she was being transported to the hospital. She said that she never called them. The EMT crew arrived almost immediately after she fell. An estimated 15 minutes had passed to reach her house from the station.

Before the old lady reached the hospital, she asked if they could get her knitting needles along with a bag of clothes. The EMT figured sure why not, they had a friend nearby that lived in the area and they were going to hang out with them after duty.

After picking up their friend, they drive over to the old lady’s house. They wander inside and grab the lady’s bag and knitting stuff. His friend waiting for them inside the car. Just as he was ready to leave the home he felt a hand on his back and heard a voice say “thank you”. 

When the EMT wandered back to the car, their friend asked, “Why couldn’t the lady’s husband get her things for her? They explained that her husband was dead. His friend then replied, “But I saw an old guy in the window, he smiled and waved at me.”

The EMT was confused by all of this. They at first couldn’t believe that the explanation could be something supernatural. They then phoned the police asking them to do a sweep of the house.

They wondered whether or not a squatter could have been hanging around the property. The police then reported that nothing seemed out of the ordinary and no one was inside.

Later on, the EMT brought their friend to visit the old lady. He began to describe the old man that he saw in the window. The old lady immediately started tearing up and said “That’s my Harold.”

(Source: Reddit)

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