Mystery Base Discovered In Antarctica

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It is unclear if this place is actually Kohnen-Station, named after German geophysicist Heinz Kohnen, known for his work in polar research. Some think this is another location, even though the coordinates somewhat match up found on Google Earth. If this is Kohnen-Station, the location is able to accommodate upwards of 20 people.

Mystery German Base Antarctica


If however this is something else, it has many people wondering what it might be. This could be another research center or a secretive operation taking place. Some conspiracy theorists, believe that this location is more of an excavation site. Seen from Google map captures, appears to be some kind of runway used for smaller sized planes.

Mystery Base Antarctica

Perhaps one of the most perplexing things is, just how the ice has changed over the years using a map feature. Over time, the location appears to be quite different than before. More things seem to have been added in here.

Digging around this location, has increased exponentially. Maybe blocks are being cut from the ice to build with. The facility, continues to evolve. It’s weird and makes people wonder what research these people are doing. Rumors of an alien race war, has emerged in Antarctica as well.

If something really is happening here, the public needs to know about it. Desperately, alien disclosure needs to be addressed. Many think they are already here and living among us already. Speculations arise, including whether or not some kind of deal is being made.

One theory says, a percentage of missing people are being fed to some kind of aliens. In exchange, they are providing governments with technological advancement. Maybe these people aren’t being eaten but experimented on. This may explain why some people recall moments of abduction. Maybe they aren’t nightmares after all.

Someone said, this is some kind of inter-dimensional portal of some kind. It is likely not this, but the possibility is an interesting one. What we know is filtered. There is much more happening behind closed doors, that we don’t know about which is equally as disturbing. For now, we can speculate many things about this mystery base.

Here are some statistics of this base:

The size of the large blacked out object is: 45 x 22 meters.
The size of the other nearby objects seen are: 110 x 10 meters and 80 x 8 meters.
The coordinates for this unknown base are: 75° 0’46.98″S 0° 4’52.71″E

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