Frightening Crocodile Tour Comes To An End

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It seemed like a scene from a James Bond movie.Those brave or stupid enough, actually paid to get on board a makeshift raft, filled with crocodiles everywhere. It was closed down due to safety concerns for obvious reasons. It is unknown if this tour, will ever be operational again. However, it is/was one of the most frightening tours to ever be setup to the general public.

Crocodile Raft Tour shut down Thailand

People dangled meat on long wooden poles to feed the hungry crocodiles wading in the water. Of course something like this could go horribly wrong, in a blink of an eye. Those who were on holiday, would get on board this caged raft…kept afloat by plastic barrels inches away from 10 foot long killer reptiles.

It has been several years, since the photos went viral online after being posted on Twitter by motorcycle-taxi rider Jon Nok. After this, government officials stepped in to investigate the attraction.

Forty year old Jon, said: ‘I’ve been a taxi driver for more than 20 years and never seen anything like this before. It looks so dangerous, I just had to take a picture. The tourists were all Chinese and some of them were scared, others were enjoying it. People have been shocked to see that this happens.’

Initially, the place located in Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand was closed down for 90 days almost immediately. It seems this is one dangerous pond to ponder over. From what is understood, this tour had been going on for years before more people knew about it. Only locals knew of this place including the local authorities. Were they getting paid off perhaps?

Chinese tourists feed crocodiles in Thailand

Owner Uthen Youngprapakorn, said that this attraction is a part of the crocodile farm here. The ride was setup on the raft, after people demanded to feed the crocodiles themselves. Many Chinese tourists transverse through the area and the cage tours began after a while.

Youngprapakorn said, ‘We don’t put more than 15 people in a cage at a time. But they can hold more than this.There have never been any problems and visitors are very happy. We always watch everything very closely.

The attraction has more than 4,300 crocodiles and gharials spread out across two very large ponds. Beef is used to feed the crocodiles on these type of farms. Thailand remains the largest crocodile farming location in the entire world. Many designer brands, are made from these reptiles including handbags and boots among other things.

(Source: Mirror UK)

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