Photographic Mandela Effect evidence revealed

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While there have been a number of bizarre things happening around the world lately. One consistent thing simply cannot be explained entirely. People are and have been experiencing what is known as the Mandela Effect.

Essentially, the Mandela Effect is made up of rather curious instances, in which many different people remember something an entirely different way than before. Some people believe that this is simply an error in our memories, while others believe an alternate reality or colliding reality has lapped over into our world. In other words, a time tear happened or gap between both versions of existence.

If anyone has seen the television series Fringe, there is a crossover world or second Earth which exists beyond the reality of the characters who live in it. This is a good example of this. The Mandela Effect originated from Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist.

Nelson Mandela

Mandela, was remembered dying while he was still in prison back in the 1980’s. However, what has been stated is that he actually died on Dec. 5, of 2013. Many people recall seeing clips of him on television during the 1980’s reportedly dying long ago. There are many more strange instances of the Mandela Effect. Perhaps however, this woman’s YouTube video is one of the most curious of all.

Assuming her name is Jennifer, this woman posted a rather interesting series of photographs, with some back story to them. Her YouTube channel is Jensploration. Jennifer’s friend went to an all female college.

From this point, she transferred to a school in the Midwest. Later onward, Jennifer’s friend was invited to a reunion with her all female college classmates. After examining some photos taken here, they look quite bizarre by comparison to each other. This was during the time, when printed photography was prevail ant. More than likely during the 1980’s.

Mandela moment with father

Jennifer’s friend and her father

Jennifer’s friend quite randomly was appearing in some of the photos taken. As she describes her friend, she explains she was very much into fashion, especially during this time in her life. Her friend then told Jennifer, she didn’t ever remember wearing the skirt seen in one of the photos. She proclaimed that she would have never wore something like this even back then.

Jennifer's Mandela photo

She also made note of how her gown wasn’t being worn correctly in the photo either. The friend of Jennifer featured in the photo, also had her mother and other friend featured in the photos. Their faces have been removed as they wish to remain anonymous.

One rather eerie thing is neither the mother, friend or Jennifer’s friend remember her even attending this particular college. She also described the height of her friend by comparison to their other friend and her friends mother. The mother’s purse doesn’t seem like it is in place either, as traces of the shadows seen don’t match up quite right.

Jennifer's Mandela moment

This photo perhaps is the most interesting of them all. Jennifer’s friend has one of her arms missing and her graduation gown is totally in disarray. Is someone playing a prank or is this something else entirely?

While there is much digital manipulation made with today’s technology, it has become a trendy thing to say everything has been photo shopped. Admittedly, these photos do appear out of place. Whether or not it is proof is another story, but these photos could well be the proof we need.

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