Actress Lily Collins Gets Visited By Ted Bundy’s Ghostly Victims

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The talented actress, stepped into her darkest role yet in Netflix’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The film centers in on the relationship between serial killer Ted Bundy (Zac Efron) and his relationship with girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer portrayed by Lily Collins.

Lily Collins Ted Bundy Movie

Thirty year old Lily Collins, said she was visited by ghosts of Bundy’s victims. The Guardian reported that while preparing for her role, she would suddenly awaken at 3:05 a.m. each and every night. To her dismay, she couldn’t figure out why this kept happening. Collins said she could even see “flashes of images,” but couldn’t place them.

When she wandered back downstairs to get herself some tea, she pondered why she kept waking up each evening over and over again. Trying to figure out the cause, she kept thinking about things. She reached the conclusion that the tortured spirits of these women, were coming to see her during her dreams.

Collins said, “I would go downstairs and have a cup of tea, trying to figure out why I had woken up again,” she recalled. “I started being woken up by flashes of images, like the aftermath of a struggle.”

After learning more about paranormal activities, she understood that around 3 a.m. is when the veil between our world is thinnest. One might be visited by a ghostly spirit during this hour. Collins said, she wasn’t scared about the interactions from the spirits, but instead felt like she was doing the right thing and was being supported by them essentially.

These ghosts were listening and supporting her efforts. Their horrific story needed to be told, Collins said. I felt like people were saying, ‘We’re here listening. We’re here to support. Thank you for telling the story.’

Before Collins took on the role of girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, she met with the real Elizabeth and her daughter Molly also. Both women were gracious to her and provided Collins with material to look at.

She spoke with them to learn further details, about what happened. Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers ever to walk the earth. He would go on to confess to the killing of 30 women. Many suspect there were even more killings, he truly was evil.

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